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CROSSING THE GREAT SAGRADA (1924) enhanced entry

First of Brunel's burlesques. All parts played by Adrian Brunel.


DRUM (1938) enhanced entry

Melodrama in which an independent Indian state revolts and is subdued by British troops.


FAVOURITE FOR THE JAMAICA CUP (1913) enhanced entry

A gambler plots to sabotage a train carrying a racehorse.

'Doris overhears Lopez plotting with Headway to wreck the train in ...


FOUR FEATHERS (1939) enhanced entry

Harry Faversham finds himself branded a coward by his friends and family when he resigns his commission before the war ...


GUNS AT BATASI (1964) enhanced entry

A British regiment stationed in a newly independent African state is preparing to celebrate the Queen's birthday when Colonel Deal ...


HEART OF THE MATTER (1953) enhanced entry

Story of a police officer in Sierra Leone who has a love affair with a girl during his wife's absence ...


HIGH COMMAND (1937) enhanced entry

Murder and blackmail in an African outpost.


HOW A BRITISH BULLDOG SAVED THE UNION JACK (1906)has video enhanced entry

A fictional drama from the Zulu Wars.

A British sentry guards a British camp. A Zulu crouches on all fours and ...



A young African leaves his village in Swaziland and seeks fame and fortune in Johannesburg.


KILLERS OF KILIMANJARO (1959) enhanced entry

Deals with the mission of an engineer who has to build a railway in the African jungles aftet two of ...


KIM (1950) enhanced entry

The orphan son of a British soldier, after being given a message for a British secret agent in India, is ...



Story of half-caste's officer's devotion to duty, his love for General's daughter. Filmed in Cinemascope. Based on novel by Talbot ...