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HEART OF THE MATTER (1953) enhanced entry

Story of a police officer in Sierra Leone who has a love affair with a girl during his wife's absence ...



Story of half-caste's officer's devotion to duty, his love for General's daughter. Filmed in Cinemascope. Based on novel by Talbot ...


MAN OF AFRICA (1953) enhanced entry

Dramatisation of the Bakiga people's attempt to cultivate the Kigezi district of Uganda, and their encounter with the Pygmies.

The camera ...


BOY KUMASENU (1952)has video enhanced entry

A story of transition within the Gold Coast, as the boy Kumasenu moves from a small fishing village to the ...


PLANTER'S WIFE (1952) enhanced entry

Story of terrifying adventures of rubber planter and his wife in Malaya whose estate is attacked by bandits.


MULENGA GETS A JOB (1951) enhanced entry

Mulenga is hired to do odd jobs in the grounds of a big house. However, another employee deviously tries to ...


TREK TO MASHOMBA (1951) enhanced entry

A fictional children's film recalling the journey of trekkers in 1892 from the Transvaal to the Mashomba Valley in Mashonaland. ...


WHERE NO VULTURES FLY (1951) enhanced entry

Story of the efforts of a Game Warden in East Africa to preserve wild animals in his territory.


AMENU'S CHILD (1950) enhanced entry

'"How better ways of feeding children came to an African village".

A Story told in the traditional idiom of an African ...


KIM (1950) enhanced entry

The orphan son of a British soldier, after being given a message for a British secret agent in India, is ...


KING SOLOMON'S MINES (1950) enhanced entry

In 1897 Africa, a famous guide agrees to help a woman and her brother search for her husband in unknown ...



A young African leaves his village in Swaziland and seeks fame and fortune in Johannesburg.