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KING SOLOMON'S MINES (1950) enhanced entry

In 1897 Africa, a famous guide agrees to help a woman and her brother search for her husband in unknown ...


KING SOLOMON'S MINES (1937) enhanced entry

Adventure melodrama of the search for legendary diamond mines in the heart of Africa.



Sir Henry Curtis, Allan Quatermain and Captain Goode set of to explore the unexplored regions of darkest Africa. Many dangers ...


MAN OF AFRICA (1953) enhanced entry

Dramatisation of the Bakiga people's attempt to cultivate the Kigezi district of Uganda, and their encounter with the Pygmies.

The camera ...


MEN OF TWO WORLDS (1946) enhanced entry

An African music student returns home and has to defeat the witch doctor who dominates his tribe and take them ...


MR. MENSAH BUILDS A HOUSE (1955)has video enhanced entry

Comedy. Mr. Mensah entrusts the building of his house to his irresponsible nephew, who wastes all the money and materials. ...


MULENGA GETS A JOB (1951) enhanced entry

Mulenga is hired to do odd jobs in the grounds of a big house. However, another employee deviously tries to ...


NIONGA (1925)has video enhanced entry

A drama of tribal life in Central Africa.

'Nionga, a chieftain's daughter, is induced by a vindictive witch-doctor to persuade her ...


NORTH WEST FRONTIER (1959) enhanced entry

Set in the North West Frontier province of British India around the turn of the century against a background of ...


OLD BONES OF THE RIVER (1938) enhanced entry

Farce about a professor who is forced to collect taxes and administer while the commissioner is on leave and his ...


PALAVER: A ROMANCE OF NORTHERN NIGERIA (1926)has video enhanced entry

Filmed amongst the Sura and Angas people of the Bauchi Plateau in Northern Nigeria, where the rivalry between a British ...


PLANTER'S WIFE (1952) enhanced entry

Story of terrifying adventures of rubber planter and his wife in Malaya whose estate is attacked by bandits.