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BASUTO BOY (1947)has video enhanced entry

A short story for children about a Basuto-boy herdsman and his adventures in dealing with cattle thieves.

The second reel (of ...


BLACK NARCISSUS (1947) enhanced entry

Five Anglo-Catholic nuns open a school and a hospital in the Himalayas. It prospers until a series of mishaps turn ...


MEN OF TWO WORLDS (1946) enhanced entry

An African music student returns home and has to defeat the witch doctor who dominates his tribe and take them ...


FOUR FEATHERS (1939) enhanced entry

Harry Faversham finds himself branded a coward by his friends and family when he resigns his commission before the war ...


DRUM (1938) enhanced entry

Melodrama in which an independent Indian state revolts and is subdued by British troops.


OLD BONES OF THE RIVER (1938) enhanced entry

Farce about a professor who is forced to collect taxes and administer while the commissioner is on leave and his ...


HIGH COMMAND (1937) enhanced entry

Murder and blackmail in an African outpost.


KING SOLOMON'S MINES (1937) enhanced entry

Adventure melodrama of the search for legendary diamond mines in the heart of Africa.


STEVE OF THE RIVER (1937)has video enhanced entry

A cartoon parody of Sanders of the River, placing the horse and his rider from the Sunday Express comic strip ...


RHODES OF AFRICA (1936) enhanced entry

Biography of the politician and how he rises from being a diamond-miner in Africa to become Prime Minister of Cape ...


COMMON ROUND (1935)has video enhanced entry

A Missionary in a remote African district fights plague and prejudice.

Dr Pyke, the headmaster of Portland House Preparatory School, delivers ...



Story of the work of Commissioner Sanders, the King's representative among the tribes of British West Africa. [Features Chiefs and ...