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AFRICA'S FIGHTING MEN (1943)has video enhanced entry

An illustration of the role of African servicemen in the Second World War. The King's African Rifles and the Royal ...


MALTA GC (1943)has video enhanced entry

Film about the Axis air offensive against Malta.

British supply effort, upon which the island is dependent, is rendered ...


PLAINSMEN OF BAROTSELAND (1943)has video enhanced entry

Colour documentary showing the migration of a Barotse tribe from Mongu to Limulunga during the seasonal floods.

The film opens with ...


WEST INDIES CALLING (1943)has video enhanced entry

Film records and illustrates a BBC broadcast by West Indians in Britain to explain to the British people ...


ALERT IN THE EAST (1941)has video enhanced entry

A survey of the strategic situation of the British Empire in the Far East in the face of ...


DEFENDERS OF INDIA (1941) enhanced entry

A tribute to the Indian troops who had fought in the Libyan campaign.

Over film of Indian troops marching ...


INDIA MARCHES (1941)has video enhanced entry

A brief look at an Indian Army Regiment (15th Punjab).

Material includes reveill; arms drill; bayonet practice; signals training ...


the HANDYMEN (1941) enhanced entry

The work and training of the (Royal Bombay) Sappers and Miners; film stresses the military importance of their ...


HE'S IN THE NAVY (1940) enhanced entry

Film showing what happens when a boy joins the Royal Indian Navy.

Footage of India's coastline is used as ...


MEN OF AFRICA (1940)has video enhanced entry

Development programmes in Kenya, Uganda and Tanganyika illustrate that "even in the midst of war, Great Britain does ...


FIVE FACES (1938)has video enhanced entry

The ethnic groups, ceremonies and industries of Malaya.

Rl. 1. BBFC certificate (11). Credits and main title "FIVE FACES". "A film ...


GOD'S CHILLUN (1938)has video enhanced entry

An account of the slave trade in the West Indies, and the islands' development since emancipation.

Copeland Grant, seated in a ...