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DOCUMENTARY: Destroyer ship "H.M.S. Ashanti" makes her maiden voyage to Ashanti, the country after which she has been named.

Credits (31), waves, coastline of the Gold Coast, map of Africa showing Ashanti (62), markets (77) naval detachment visits the paramount chief of Ashanti* (88) 'H.M.S. Ashanti' on her maiden voyage en route for Ashanti, gunnery practice on board (163), smoke screen (184), shots of the ship (210), awning hauled up (232), view of Takoradi harbour from the ship (250), anchor dropped (268), members of the crew leave the ship and are taken ashore by motor boat (302), natives watch as the sailors go ashore and march to a special train waiting to take them to Kumasi (360), views of the bushland from train (378), arrival at Kumasi (416), market stalls (450), close-up of the programme for the Durbar, close-up of the silver bell and the gold shield to be presented to the ship (466), march by the Gold Coast Regimental Band (498), chiefs watching (538), the naval detachment presents arms as Sir Arnold Hodson walks to the dais (574). Sir Arnold takes his seat (588), chiefs come forward and shake hands with the Governor (676), at Takoradi schoolchildren go aboard the ship and look around (701), Kumasi chiefs visit the ship (737), the Captain and chiefs shake hands, photograph taken (766), the ship leaves Takoradi to join the sixth destroyer flotilla at Gibraltar (790), view of the Rock from the ship, the ship joins the flotilla, night shot of the flotilla, morning shot of the flotilla (874 ft).

Note: Film sequences contained in this film are the same as those contained in "the VOYAGE OF THE ASHANTI" Credits, commentary music and footage differ.




Technical Data

Film Gauge (Format):
35mm Film
881 ft

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Great Britain
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