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INTEREST. The way of life of the Bedouins of Moab, Jordan.

Main title (2). A family group of Bedouins sitting outside a small tent. They play string instruments, beat drums and the children and other adults clap along (26-58). A camel with five young (113). Children play with a flock of sheep, two of the boys carry small sheep and are directed to move closer to the camera (146). A class in the open air learning the Koran: pan right of a group of children and some adults learning from the Koran. A man in a fez walks up and down beating a stick in time to the reciting from the Koran (193). LS a large group of men building a house roof. The house is square with a dome, the men place rocks on top of the dome (203-219). Oxen are shod to help with the threshing; two Bedouins hold down an oxen while another shods it (225-234). A family group throw wheat into a pile in which two oxen are led around - threshing the grain (241-276). HAS of two horse riders as they negotiate the steps of an ancient temple ruin (301). A re-enactment (?) of a sheep sacrifice. Four men, all dressed in white, stand by a rock. Three of the men raise their hands to heaven. The other man holds the sheep down. After much gesticulating, the dead sheep is dragged from the rock. A large stain of blood can be seen (334). A woman, in veiled costume, performs a whirling sword dance - part of a courtship ritual. The man who snags her ankle as she dances can claim her as his bride (349-378). The bride and groom followed by other groups and children walk down a hillside to the bride's father's tent (385-409). Bedouins standing outside a tent - described as the wedding guests (420-430). Two women dance, a small musical band of two drummers and a string instrument player are seated to the right. They are watched by a small crowd (436-461). The wedding feast; a large group of seated men are watched by a group of standing men as they eat from a communal pot. Other men pour liquids into the pot. The seated men are joined by a number of children who eat from the pot too (472-525). A camel caravan at Jacob's Well; men wash and drink from the stream, loaded camels stand in the background (532-556). A man fishes with nets by the River Jordan. Children swim in the river. Another man washes two large fish in the river (560-577). A group of men floating in the Dead Sea (588-603). Crowds beneath the walls of Jerusalem selling their livestock. In the background can be seen the walls of Jerusalem. All the men are in Arab dress apart from two Jews (?) in fedora type hats (614-641). Pan of the market (676). Two men on camels ride through another market, followed by a number of veiled women (694), and a group of ten Jews (707). Crowded market (?) street scenes inside Jerusalem (740). Arabs in procession pass through the Damascus gate. The relgious procession - to celebrate the prophet Mohammad - continues along the narrow streets. A large number of banners/flags are carried while men dance and clap. A line of guards wearing Fez accompanies one of the flags through the crowd. Onlookers watch the procession from the side of the street and vantage points along the routes (854ft).




Technical Data

Running Time:
9 minutes
Film Gauge (Format):
35mm Film
850 ft

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Production Company
Educational Films Corporation of America