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DRAMA. English governess in South Africa is rescued from enforced marriage to a lecherous Malay by the efforts of two boy scouts and a detective.

Note: Copy 43931B is out of sequence. The plot in Rl. 1 and Rl. 2 (1-207) is in chornological order but has missing sections, which are found, in random, order, in Rl. 2. (207-1153). The following synopsis includes the missing sequences, indicated by square brackets, in what is probably their correct order.

Rl. 1. Patricia Grey answers a newspaper advert placed by a Madam Torrandi for a governmess to work in South Africa. Madam Torrandi greets her at the quayside as she alights with other passengers from the liner. She is driven through the streets of the town to Madam Torrandi's `nursing home'. Patricia's suspicions are aroused by a risque picture in her room, and are confirmed when Madam Torrandi introduces her first pupil, Hadje Lalie Arend, a rich Malay. She shuns his advances and attempts to flee, but is captured and locked in her room, while the Malay pays Madam Torrandi for a guarantee of Patricia's hand in marriage. [Patricia smuggles a message through her window to a passing fisherman, but he is observed and set upon by Madam Torrandi's henchmen, Tiger and Slang. Patricia is shown his apparantly lifeless body as a warning. Locked in her room again, she writes a message in blood on her shoe and drops it from the window. The boy scouts who find it take it to Detective Burton at the police station, then take him to the scene. He details them to watch for anything of a suspicious nature]. The fisherman's body is taken away in a sack by a horse carriage, followed secretly by the boy scouts. Meanwhile, Madam Torrandi is arranging a party for her male clients, which Patricia is forced to attend. Detective Burton receives an invitation under one of his guises. The scouts find the fisherman dumped in the sack and alert a nearby house. At the party Detective Burton feigns drunkedness and reveals his identity in confidence to Patricia. Slang sees through the detective's disguise and pursues him as he makes his getaway. Patricia is drugged and carried away in a laundry basket to the coloured quarter of the town before the polcie arrive. At the home of a negress she is forced to work preparing flowers for sale, and is beaten when she again refuses the Malay's advances. Slang, who works as a flower seller for the same house, is spotted at the market stall by the two boy scouts while touring the town by horse-drawn cab. They notify Burton, who dresses as a tramp. Patricia, meanwhile, submits to the Malay's offer of marriage rather than endur further beatings. The detective follows Slang back to the hideout, where he observes Patricia about to be embraced by the Malay. He phones for reinforcements (1644).

Rl. 2. The police break in just in time to stop the wedding, Six months later Patricia is married to Burton (120). Individual members of the cast pose (207). Missing sections in random order (1153). (2797ft).

Note: Several sections of the film are shot on location and include actuality footage of the quayside area, street scenes, a black shanty settlement, and street flower sellers of various races. Possibly Cape town.




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South Africa
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African Film Productions