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DOCUMENTARY. The people, resources and industries of British Guiana.

RL.1 Credits (78). A chart showing the location of Guyana, the 'El Dorado' of Walter Raleigh (122). The Guyanese mountains and jungle viewed from a boat passing downriver (221). Various examples of wildlife in the jungle: wild pig, tarantula, monkey, birds, cayman, lizard (353). Stagnant water on the river. A big waterfall. An aeroplane following the course of the river (464). Aerial view of jungle and rivers, and of a strip of coastline (483). Georgetown: statue of Queen Victoria, lily pond; street scenes; boys watching a cricket match; shots of the crowd and the match in progress; boys playing cricket on wasteland; schoolchildren boarding a train. European schoolchildren playing in a swimming pool. Afro-Guyanese children diving into a canal (652). Street scenes in the shanty town area: traders' stalls; basket maker (725). Exterior shot of Government House (739). Houses on stilts near the coast (755 ft).

RL.2 Ploughing by oxen on Guyana's muddy coastal plain. Women workers in the rice fields. Threshing: oxen trample the rice grain; women flailing the rice against slatted boards (91). Harvesting rice by machine (119). The sugar industry: women working in a field; sugar cane growing in a field (157). The weathered leaves are set on fire: shot of blazing field at night (174). After burning the leaves, to get rid of rats and snakes, the workers cut the sugar cane. Oxen drawing a barge loaded with cane (219). Processing and packing the sugar at the factory (271). The manufacture of rum. The distilled rum in a vat. Emptying the rum into barrels (310). Agricultural workers entering their homes (362). A flying-boat taking off. Aerial views of rivers, waterfall, jungle (415). Aerial view of the savanna region; a cattle herd (437). A village of the Amerindians who inhabit the savanna region. Amerindians entering a hut, dipping into a communal cooking pot. Cooking, cloth-making. Amerindian boys at archery practice; using a blow-pipe. Fishing from a canoe using a bow and arrow. A hunting party returns to be met by a girl (645). The rubber industry: a man climbs a balata tree and chops into the trunk to release the latex. Transporting the rubber downstream by barge (681). A Dakota aircraft of British Guiana Airways taxies to a halt in a native village. Natives help to load goods (712). Amerindian cowboys rounding up a herd of cattle. Lassoing a steer in the pen (770 ft).

RL.3 The cattle herd is driven through the pen for sorting. Some are let loose again. The rest are driven to the coast via trails and river beds, for slaughter (142). The Kaieteur waterfall on the Potara river (182). Men chopping at a greenheart tree. Trees falling. Towing tree trunks by tractor. A lorry loaded with tree trunks (285). Mining engineers searching for bauxite deposits. A likely sample is found. Making a test drilling. Bauxite is mined by the open pit method. Clearing the top soil by bulldozer and pressure hoses. Blasting. Gathering the ore with mechanical grabs (498). Transporting the ore by train to Mackenzie. At a factory in Mackenzie, the ore is crushed and dried (558). The manufacture of bricks from bauxite: slicing the bricks and stacking (655). The Demerara River in Mackenzie (667). A maternity hospital: babies in cots; operation in progress; a ward (688). European children playing in a hotel swimming pool INTERCUT with shots of Afro-Guyanese boys playing in a pool (760). Billiard players in a European club. A black club (798). Crowds outside the Cockatara Cinema. Afro-Guyanese shops: draper; grocer; butcher (842). L.S. Mackenzie and the bauxite factory (890 ft).

RL.4 The bauxite factory. Ships turning round at Mackenzie, the limit of navigability of the Demerara. Loading timber at the docks (51). Black children entering a school. A woodwork class in progress. An art class. Children running out of school (96). Guyana has various religious groups; shots of mosque, Hindu church, Christian church (131). An Amerindian blowing a horn; natives in canoes; kneeling in a circle; dancing in a ring (238). Natives paddling canoes (265). Sifting for ore in the forest (312). Europeans fishing from a canoe; a big fish is caught (343). The cattle which have been herded along the trails from the savannas arrive at a port and are driven onto a boat (400). Native fishermen hauling on nets in a river (421). A bird in flight (432). Natives negotiating river rapids in a large boat (511). Shots of calm river, clouds and forest (591 ft).




Technical Data

Running Time:
36 minutes
Film Gauge (Format):
35mm Film
3107 ft

Production Credits

Production Countries:
Great Britain
Central Office of Information
Colonial Office
LUTYENS, Elisabeth
Production Company
Argosy Pictures Corporation
Production Company
Crown Film Unit