This film is held by the BFI (ID: 458826).


Production footage for a film about a journey down the River Niger, Africa.

No titles. LS man scaling down a palm tree (30). Africans working in a vegetable plot (33). Closer view of man in plam tree (44). HAS of compound yard; detachment of African workers are marched off under the direction of European and African supervisors (72). Loading nuts into small rail wagons at riverside docks (?); a steamer can be seen in the background (81). Travelling shot of mountainous riverbank (117); villages (143). Pan right of settlement wtih corrugated roofs, probably a European settlement (145). African children swimming in the river and from a canoe by a river steamer (160). Slate held up by European man "Roll 3 Dakar" on the steamer (161). Travelling shot from front of train through a native village (172). Sunset (180). Four European men walk along a metalled road by a river, or large bay. A docked ship comes into view (196). Docks in a European city; a mechant ship `Raymond' docked. Travelling shot from ship leaving dock; building seen in background may be the Royal Liver Building in Liverpool (223). An African band with European instruments is conducted by a European. The bandsmen are dressed in uniforms with fez; pan right along band to small crowd watching (249). Closer view of the band and conductor (262). Travelling shot coming into dock on river. Pan left along single-story warehouses and dockside. Settlement rises in background on slope of riverbank. Another ship is also docked (284). Closer view of the dockside, pan right along dock (304). Closer view of same, Europeans stand ready to meet the ship (313). Static shot on the dockside of large barrels (318). Slate with "Roll 106" (319). An African boy stands by a large barrel. An African man climbs on top of the barrel and taps and opens it taking out oil (?). Slightly closer view of the same operation. The boy pulls the oil with his hands putting the oil into a metal bowl. The bowl is then placed on a fire and the contents stirred. The content become more fluid (480). The bowl is carried to a European man (499). Woman of the Wakirike tribe wearing bronze bangles on her legs (519). Africans building a warehouse (544). LAS looking up to a truss bridge with two stone-built pillars either end and an steel/iron frame. A group of five European men are grouped at one end. Africans and the occasional car pass over the bridge (574). The men get into a car (587). Pan left of bridge (608). A European man walks down a muddy riverbank and talks to Africans seated in canoes (630). A European settlement. One sign reads `R.M. Iver Co. Ltd', pan right to river (668). A track in the jungle which leads to a native village (683). Africans carrying goods on their heads on a road (695). A warehouse with a roof and no walls in which are stored large barrels; Africans making the large barrels (714). Africans asleep on beds (723). Young goats (725). African sorting large quantiies of bundles of sticks (729). A European-built village for Africans (772). Men walking along the deck of a ship (777). A group of African chiefs (?) dressed in their finery pose for a photograph to be taken by an African with a European helping (834ft).



  • NIGERIA 205006A (Archive)

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Great Britain
Niger Company