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A series of shots of the Niger Company's, J. Walkden's and W.B. McIver's buildings in Nigeria, usually consisting of a shot of the building exterior, clearly marked, with Africans entering and leaving the buildings.

"The Niger Company's Canteen at Ebute Metta [a suburb of Lagos]" (4). Exterior of the canteen with a sign for the Niger Company, pan left to markets and street scenes (52). A warehouse marked `W.B. McIver & Co' (68). A quay by a river dockside, large barrels are stored on the quay (76). "Messrs. McIver's Saw-mill at Apapa [headland opposite Lagos proper]" (82). Travelling shot from river of the settlement at Apapa (107). Pan from end of quay of the settlment ending with large building with smoking chimney - presumably the saw-mill (144). "Messrs. J. Walkden's Stores" (148). Street scene pan left to the stores (176). Africans sorting through ground nuts (?) (189). A Niger Co. building, pan along street (212). "Messrs. McIver's stores" (215). Same (248). A building site, Africans building a large, rectangular building with bricks (265). "The Niger Company's Canteen" (268). Pan right (283). "The Niger Company's Bugalow" (280). A brick built house and garden (308). "Weighing and bagging ground nuts" (313). Africans under suprvision of a European weigh nuts (332). "A visit to J. Walkden's Store" (338). LS exterior of store; Africans with asses assemble outside (367). closer view (382). Similar scenes at McIver's store (417). Weighing sacks (432); weighing cotton (436). "Kano: Messrs J. Walkden's Store" (439). Another store, Africans load asses, closer view, European supervises (487). "Africa Oil Nuts" (491). Low building with sign `Africa Oil Nuts Co.' (515). "Tin Areas, Stores (519). A large brick built store (535). "Messrs. McIver's Stores" (538). LS , pan left, closer view, unloading beside store (591). "Stores and canteen" (594). Pan left of Niger Company's store (619). Pressinf bundles of leather together into a bale (640). "Niger Company's Office" (669). A bungalow and gardens with paths lined with white-washed rocks (709). "The Niger Company's canteen" (712). A building with verandah and garden; Africans leaving carrying goods (747). "Messrs. Christian's canteen" (751). Pan right of building (775). "Messrs. J. Walkden's Stores" (779). Same (808ft).

Note: All of the buildings are different.



  • NIGERIA 205593A (Archive)

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