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DRAMA. Military adventure set in the Sudan, concerning the rescue of a younger brother by the elder brother disguised as a Dervish priest.

No main title. Two brothers, Alfred and James Lewis are privates in the 12th Lancers. They take supper with their parents but a messenger delivers a letter recalling them to their barracks. After a series of farewells, the Elder brother promises to look after the younger. At a dockside, troops embark on the ship `Lassell'. The family make their last farewells and the elder brother reiterates his promise. The Lancers are dispatched to the Sudan to put down an Arab uprising. At the camp in the desert word comes of an impending Arab attack. The young brother and a companion is sent out to an outpost to check on the Arabs. The two soldiers are observed by an Arab who reports to the Arab encampment. They attack the soldiers, one escapes, but the brother is taken captive. At the army camp the news is relayed to the older brother and he determines to rescue his brother but is prevented by orders from his commanding officer. The brother is confined to his tent where he remembers his promise to his parents. Spurred on by his promise he steals away from the camp in a bid to save his brother. He comes upon a Dervish priest, robs him of his clothes and ties him up. Dressed as the priest he arrives at the Arab camp just as his brother is being prepared to be hanged. The Arabs allow the priest entry and he tells them that Allah will not allow them to put to death the soldier. They release him and allow the priest to carry him to his horse. However, the real Dervish priest arrives and alerts the Arab to the ruse. The older brother locks the gate of the camp and rides off with his brother. The Arabs give chase but are observed by a soldier at the army camp. The alarm is sounded and the Lancers and kilted troops attack the Arabs and repel them in a fierce battle (830ft).

Note: The Bioscope reference refers to the brothers as the Werner brothers, while the intertitles refer to them as Lewis.




Technical Data

Film Gauge (Format):
35mm Film
1000 ft

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cast member
PRIOR, Herbert
cast member
RIDGELY, Richard R.
cast member
cast member
SUTTON, Charles
Production Company
Production Company
Vitagraph Company of America