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ACTUALITY. A record of a visit to South Africa by a group of American tourists during a world tour on the Royal Mail Steam Packet Company's motor vessel "Asturias".

"R.1" Various shots of the "Asturias" entering Table Bay (14-65); passengers disembarking into cars at the quayside (79) whilst others inspect ostrich feather novelties displayed by hawkers at the quayside, two of whom are dressed as "Uncle Sam" (118); the passengers in cars en route to the Cape of Good Hope (126-183); various shots of the cape (186-235); dining in the open air at a Cape homestead in the gardens of which is seen an old slave bell (236-291); closer shots of some of the diners enjoying South African "konfyt" and water-melon (296-312); visiting Stellenbosch University College (314-338) and a Cape wine farm (339-402). The start of a ten-days railroad journey through the African sub-continent (413-439); inspecting an old open diamond mine with a depth of 1400 ft. at Kimberley (450-506) and the diamond recovery plant (509-574); in the native workers' compound the visitors toss money for which the natives scramble (578-627). On the train, the route is explained on a wall map (632-674); listening to a mission station choir (653-677); views of the Bushveld, on the edge of the Kalahari, taken from the train (683-717); buying skins and beads at a station stop (724-784); At World's view, Matapos, Mashonaland, the visitors inspect the Tomb of Cecil Rhodes and other memorials (791-913); wearing raincoats and sou'westers they see the Victoria Falls and the Victoria Bridge (919-1210). "End of Part 1". (1211). "R.2" A visit is paid to the Kraal of Isang in the Kalahari (1216-1280); at Johannesburg, a gold mine is inspected (1285-1451); motoring through the suburbs (1458-1482); watching a native dance (1488-1577) and a running race at Gasfontein (1583-1650); the Union Buildings, Pretoria (1659-1720); a statue of Paul Kruger (1731-1744); the Premier diamond mine, Transvaal (1751-1853); native dances at a Zula Kraal near Durban (1860-1986); Durban Harbour and docks (1997-2062); Durban ricksha boys (2067-2122); the "Asturias" leaving the quayside (2192). "The End". (2194).




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