This film is held by the BFI (ID: 648812).


HOME MOVIE. Amateur footage of various localities in Africa, including Victoria Falls and possibly South Africa.

Victoria Falls. Men in pith helmets lighting cigarettes. Railway bridge over gorge. Train. Children in pith helmets. River in gorge, with people on river bank. Men on boat moored at riverside fishing with makeshift rods. Men, dressed formally, sitting around a table on the boat. Squirrel monkey. Men eating formal meal at table on boat. Man fishing from boat. Victoria Falls railway station, with luggage on the platform. Train stopping at the station. Men leaning out of train windows. Train leaving station, as seen from the train. Tracking shot from train of countryside. Imperial Airwyas Handley Page aircraft 'City of Delhi' being refuelled on grass runway, with children watching. Aerial shots from aircraft of river, hills, and small settlement. Aircraft landing as seen through window of plane. Further aerial shots of orange groves, settlement and mountain area being strip mined (this and the following footage may possibly be of South Africa). Hangars and biplane taking off. Tracking shots from train of countryside, being plains with mountains in the background. House in countryside. Agricultural land. Reservoir. Orange groves, with trees being hosed from oxen cart. Further shots of the house.



  • JOEL PERSONAL FILM 11 - AFRICA (Alternative)
  • AFRICA (Archive)

Technical Data

Film Gauge (Format):
16mm Film
379 ft

Production Credits

Production Countries:
Great Britain