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AMATEUR. Scenes at the Presbyterian Church of East Africa missionary centre in Chogoria, Kenya.

No main title. "The old women find new things hard to understand - Miss Malcolm's meeting for grannies." (0.11). A number of old women and some children gather under a tree and on a lawn (0.30). "Today there is to be tea. Saying grace." Miss Malcolm kneels and says grace. The women sit on the lawn; she then serves tea (1.02). "Old women - a Bible lesson" (1.07). Miss Malcolm with the African women. After the lesson they shake her hand (1.26). "How we put up our buildings - the workshop" (01.32). No picture. "A hydro-electric plant, driven by a waterfall, supplies power for the workshop. Workman starting up the machinery." (1.46). An African man turns a fly wheel (1.54), then starts an engine (?) (interior picture, dimly lit but with strong sun catching part of the picture) (2.10). Scenes in the saw mill - working in the saw mill (2.17). "Draught oxen bring logs from the forest." (2.27). Oxen (African cattle) in an enclosure - no evidence of carrying logs (2.31). Africans pushing a large log along a small railtrack into the saw mill (2.49). Circular saws provide timber for buildings - costs are thereby kept to a minimum." (3.00). Cutting wood in the mill (heavily shadowed pictures); wheeling out wood; men hammering wood together (3.33). "European staff at Chogoria" (3.37). Group photograph of the missionaries - four women and two men (3.46). "The annual sports. The Chief arrives with retinue." (3.52). Arrival of chief and retinue (in ceremonial robes) and greetings by missionary staff (4.13). "Girls compete in the brick race - audience please note - suitable exercise for the stout - borrow two bricks...." (4.25). Women take part in the race, placing one brick at a time in front of themselves and then standing on it. They bring the other brick round and repeat the action (4.51). "Swallowing the banana competition - watch girl on the right." (4.59). Women run to men who hold bananas. The women stuff the fruit into their mouths. The women run to the finish line, while the men laugh (5.21). "High-jump - note audience sympathetically raising their legs." (5.27). Series of boys jump a length of string held up for them (5.50). "The obstacle race - the water jump." (5.56). Boys run to the water jump and take it (6.11). "The handicap quarter-mile - three small competitors" (6.17). Three small boys are given a head start as the race begins. The boys running around the football pitch. The finish (6.53). "Bow and arrow contest. Shooting at a dummy" (6.59). Men and boys shooting at unseen target (7.13). "Final of the obstacle race." (7.18). Boys take part in the race - clambering through sacks and up a rope (7.57). "Domestic scenes - the laundry, the butcher and the pan-washer" (8.04). The laundry is done by two Africans watched by a female missionary. One of the men lifts clothes from a boiling pot held in a brick oven; a man scrubs a pan with mud and then washes it off under tap (8.38). "Buying household supplies" (8.41). European woman on step of verandah buys the hind quarters of a small antelope (?) from an African (9.03). She then checks some eggs from some children (9.31). "Third method of approach - school. The main aim is to teach them to read so that they may be able to use the scriptures in the vernacular..." (9.45). "Drill, hygience and games form part of the school timetable." (9.53). Children exercising (10.17); playing football (10.45). "Mr. MacPherson, in charge of schools, paying teacher." (10.51). European seated at a table calls out names. African teachers (all men) come forward and are presented with money. They then salute (11.42). "School types - kindgegarten children building model houses (11.47). Children in the open air making houses with twigs (11.59). "Rescued from paganism - a village maiden at school." (12.05). CU smiling girl (12.13). "Two boys at school. Practically all voluntarily enter classes for religious instruction, and the majority become Christians." (12.25). Two boys (12.37). "A national sport - spear the hoop." (12.41). A hoop is rolled along the ground as boys try to spear it (12.59). Out-stations are active evangelising centres scattered over the district. Follow the history of one - the road to Kanyckini." (13.12). Car drives along rough country road (13.48). "At the Chief's request we lent a hand with doors and windows - please note this was in 1932." (13.59). Wood and doors are loaded onto the car (14.18). Waterfall views; car crosses bridge (14.39). "Arrival - a talk with the Chief. There was not a single Christian in the district." (14.50). Arrival of the car with the wood, greeted by Africans. Missionary sits on grass with Chief (15.24). "A small hut erected for the teacher." (15.29). The building of a wooden hut from frame to near completion (16.01). "Now note the contrast in 1937, the people built their own church. A big congregation awaiting service." (16.13). Large group of people sitting in the open air (16.33). "What an opportuniy. The Sunday School." (16.37). Large group of children lined up (16.44). "He has not missed church or school for three years. The teacher said he was his keenest boy." (16.56). CU boy (17.06). "Even some old women have begun to attend, a great triumph, for they are very hard to win." (17.19). MS two women with long dangling earrings from large holes in their ear lobes (17.33). "The ripening harvest - a company of twenty who took Christian vows on a Sunday" (17.42). Large group of children outside hut. They hold pieces of paper (17.57). "Shadrach has even influenced the local Indian shopkeeper who is studying his Bible and wants to be baptised." (18.09). Indian shop keeper and two small children standing outside their home. One of the children is held by an African maid (?) (18.23). MS African maid holding her son (18.32). CU Indian man holding his son (18.40). "Girls' training - the raw material, dirty and degraded - the future holds a life of unending drudgery for them." (18.52). Line of women in tradtional costume pass the camera (19.06). "A change quickly comes [.] two girls who had begun to attend church and school." (19.12). Two girls walking through grassland (19.25). "Some girls are admitted to the girls boarding school for training in mothercraft and housework under Miss Hood." (19.39). View of the brick built boarding school (19.56). "A boarder who is traning as a teacher." (20.02). MS young woman (out of focus) (20.11). "In the school, writing a letter home." (20.17). Girl writes letter home at a desk (20.27). "Washing the boarders' clothes." (20.30). Girls washing clothes in open air (20.46). "An orphan brought into hospital. How could he smile when he was hungry?" (20.56). CU girl holding young boy (21.09). "A good feed" (21.13). Another (?) baby being fed; a baby being washed (21.34). "Round games on the playground." (21.37). Girls dancing in large circles (21.50).

Note: Two differing styles of intertitles throughout.




Technical Data

Running Time:
22 minutes
Film Gauge (Format):
16mm Film
525 ft

Production Credits

Production Countries:
Great Britain
Production Company
Chogoria Missionary Council