This film is held by the BFI (ID: 15111).


INSTRUCTIONAL. The story of the building of the Takoradi Harbour on the Gold Coast. Opening shots of cocoa plantations where the cocoa pods are plucked from the tree trunks, the beans extracted and sorted by natives. Commentary explains that no harbour existed along the Gold coast. Shots of natives in surf boats rowing sacks of beans out to the waiting steamers. Much of the cocoa is ruined by sea water during its carriage. Plans for a harbour are drawn up and Takoradi is chosen as the site. LS of the coastline. The plans are put into operation. Bridges, viaducts and railway lines are constructed. Natives travel in by rail to work on the harbour site. Shots of natives lining up for their wages on pay day. A street market springs up. Work begins on the foundations of the harbour. Inland, rock faces are exploded and the stones sent by rail to be used in building the harbour. A hospital, a water tower, and a railway station are also built near the harbour. LS of the completed harbour. The cocoa harvest is sent by rail to the harbour where it is loaded onto the steamers. Shot of a steamer bringing cocoa beans to England. Final shots of natives carrying sacks, sacks passing along a conveyor belt, cocoa tins and waves lapping against the shore (780 ft).




Technical Data

Running Time:
8 minutes
729 ft

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Production Countries:
Great Britain
Production Company
British Instructional Films