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A tour made by rail and road to India, Burma and Sikkim, by members of the Grand Lodge of the Freemasons [18 cans].

Arrival Bombay - Jubbulpore November/December 1927

Sports. Building - Bombay yacht club. Station - being seen off by Government of Bombay (sir Leslie Wilson). Train journey over Ghats to Jubbulpore. Gun carriage factory. Reservoir and falls - Jubbulpore. Down steps to boat, rocks and water (Narbada falls). Women washing at lakes. Waterfall. Station scene with Great India Peninsula Railway. Scenes en route Jubbulpore to Calcutta.

Calcutta. Viceroys Cup. State arrival. Church service (St Johns. December 1927/December 1928.

Street scene. Examining new building at Freemasons Hall, Calcutta. House and gardens - Masonic Head quarters, Calcutta. Horse racing - Viceroys Cup. State drive down the race course. Arrival of Viceroy - Sir Stanley Jackson Governor of Bengal. Race course. Masonic processions (of Masonic Lodges in Calcutta) to church service at St Johns. Bishop Foss-Westcott, the then Metropolitan of India. Party going off in car.

Benares, Moghul Serai. Lucknow Residency.

Station scene (Moghul Serai). Arriving at Benares. River scenes. Funeral pyre. Snake charmers. Juggling. Railway scenes. Monkeys at station (Ajodhya). Lucknow: party being shown round ruins of old city - Residency and graves. Fort of Lucknow.

Lucknow. Agra. Tiger. Fatehpur Sikri. January 1928

Fatephur Sikiri. Street scene - Lucknow. Old train engine. View of country. Cannon. Palace. Old Lord Cornwallis gun. Zoo. Long Bridge over river - probably Agra. Taj Mahal. Ruins of fort at Agra. Picnic lunch given by Henry Nevill, Commissioner of Agra. Natives diving into tank - Fatehpur Sikri.

Agra. Patna. Bengal iron Co. India Iron Co. Pandu. Assam. Dibrugarh.Gauhati January 1928.

Palace by river - probably Agra. Station scene. Porters carrying luggage. Boy scouts - Kulti. Bengal iron Co. India IronCo. Lunch party. Coming off a houseboat - Ferry boat across Brahmaputra at Pandu. Standing by railway track. Railway station. Garden party with native crowd looking on. Group outside house. Pruning tea-bushes. Outside house. Sadhu. Rangiya.

Waltair. Secunderabad. Golconda. Hyderabad. January/February 1928.

Building operations - new harbour at Waltair. Vizagapatam. Crane over river. Long river boat -= M.L. Hawk which formerly belonged to Sir Eric Studd. Sea coast. Childrenbathing. Tiger cub. Beggar. Street scene. Golconda - plain with fort on top of mound. Ruined walls. Elephant. Hyderabad - garden party - showing garden and grounds at residency. Station. Views of countryside from train. Train breaks down - natives pushing on lever. View from train of plain - very barren and bare. Great Dane puppy on lawn. Residency at Bangalore.

Bangalore. Mysore. Ootacamund. Coimbatore. Trichinopoli,Madura. February 1928.

Zoo at Mysore. Village street scene and crossing bridge - taken from car. Woman washing clothes in tiver. Buffalo being weashed. Women with brass pots. Mountain scene - Ootacamund. Village of oda. Aboriginals (sic). Native woman sewing blankets. Woman in her hut. Shots of village. Cars going yup hills. Palm grove. Group of buildings. View over river on plains. Woman being carried up staircase in chair. View from building. Steps up to a monument - temple.sElephants at Trichinopoli. Street scene with archways over and monuments - Srirangam Temple. Railway station. Musicians - temple band at Maura. Procession with elephants - decorated at Trichinopoli. Camel.

Madura. Madras. Rangoon. February 1928.

Looking round the bazaar a Madura. Procession with model elephant. Bathing in river. Masonic fucntion with clergy - service at Madras Cathedral. Dhobis washing clothes. Irrigation. Coast - bathing at Seven pagodas near Madras and the only remaining pillar of one of seven pagodas. Canal boat. Native boat. River scene with a lot of small native boats. Reed boats - probably Madras. Docks in background. Native part of boat - collie passengers on S S Ethiopia - Madras to Rangoon. Showing masses of people close by. Life boat drill. Yacht. Boats. Boat going to yacht - pilot vessel. Beautiful native river craft. Going up Irrawaddy to port at Rangoon. Picture of crowd on shore.

Various animals seen on tour

Zoo - Mysore. Deer. Cheetah - Mysore - Ootacamund Road. Elephants piling teak - Rangoon.

Rangoon. Maymyo. Mandalay. February 1928

Ship coming into dock at Rangoon. Porters with luggage on ship. Village women round well. Rickshaws. Races at Rangoon. Burmese ponies. Saddling up. Rangoon - up to hills byroad to Mandalay to Maymyo. Ox cart. Llamas smoking cigars. Children and workmen. Buffalo car. European women on a slide outside large house - Maymyo. Country road up to the hills. River boat on Irrawaddy.

Irrawaddy. Yenangyaung. February/March 1928

Paddle steamers on the Irrawaddy. Bathing. Women at bazaar. Large rafts made of logs with houses on, being paddled. Timber floated down river. Village life. Building -various native activities. River boat - house boat. Raft with earthenware pots. Oil wells. Man going down oil well. Boring for oil.

Irrawaddy. Yenangyaung. Rangoon.

Irrawaddy river scenes. Porters on river edge. Natives boarding boat - scene on board. Villagers on bank - grain waiting to be taken off. Scenes of life on the river bank. Festival and procession. Schwe-Dagon festival, Rangoon. Street scene - ion streets near temples. Boats crossing river. Farewell (Miller and C.J. Mather, our hosts in Rangoon). Harbour scenes - Rangoon ships.

Barabisha-Dooars Shoot. February 1929.

(Organised by S.G. Taylor and M.H. Burton. Also shooting were Janvrin, Alexander and Eric Studd. Also present were Mrs Alexander and Mrs Burton, servants bearers etcc. Party camped seven to ten days). Crossing river on raft. By Car. Toorsa. Masses of elephants. Camp being put up. People on elephants. Crossing river. Walking along river. Making way through jungle over rivers. Pack of elephants and elephants with howdahs for shooting. Picnic scene with servants. Elephants went out to beat jungle. Showing man getting up by trunk. Burton, Bengal Police, getting on elephant. Group shot.

Barabisha-Dooars Shoot [Continued].

Elephants. Miles of elephants, beaters stealing through pampas grass and jungle bamboo. Tigress. Leopardess. Jungle path. Ferrying boat across. Boats lashed together taking over car.

Alpachand Shoot. Dooars. April 1929.

Baby elephant. Elephants beating through jungle. Going through bamboo. Hunters in howdahs. Beaters and shooters.

Baby elephant and Alpachand Shoot.

Elephants beating in long grass. Baby elephant. Elephant being dusted and cleaned. Family scenes - Taylor family.

Sikkim Walk. Joropokri. Tonglu Pamionchi.

(Lasted about ten days September/October 1930).

Porters carrying loads. Mules. Mountain ranges from Joropokri. Kinchinjunga (800ft lower than Everest). Clouds and trees, hills etc.. Tonglu and bungalow. Porter leading. Europeans on horseback. Train of porters. Scenery showing gorges, terrace cultivation, mountains and valleys. Chapman crossing bridge. Eric Studd smiles at camera. Close up porters. Bhuddist prayer flags. Llama - Pamionchi monastery.

Sikkim Walk. Pamionchi to Rinkingpong and Darjeeling.

Kinchinjunga range from Pamionchi. Kabru from Pamionchi. Llamas devil dance for benefit of deputation. Close ups of llamas - head llamas and his two assistants. Rushing river. Rungneet. Crossing stream, on pine trunk bridge. Porters. Bathing. Kinchinjunga range with clouds




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16mm Film

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Great Britain