This film is held by the Imperial War Museum (ID: MGH 1933).


I. Various shots on board HMS Rodney. "Deammunitioning ship" Cordite being hauled up from the magazines and transferred to lighters. "With the Fleet at Sea", long shot of Queen Elizabeth class battleship. "Fleet at Pollensa Bay, Majorca", high angle mid shot of HMS Nelson underway. "Being Taken in Tow by Rodney", medium shot of HMS Nelson as cameraship (HMS Rodney) passes a line for towing. Long shot of battleships in line astern. Further shots of HMS Nelson. "Aeroplane Attacks". Planes pass overhead in mock attack on the fleet. "A Crashed Plane Seen at the Moment of Falling". Long shot to plane nose down in sea between cameraship and HMS Nelson astern. "Away Goes the Life Boat and a Destroyer Dashes to the Rescue". Cutter is let down from davits and makes off, followed by excellent mid shot off port bow as the destroyer, HMS Windsor, passes at speed. "All ships Drop Life Buoys and Race to Fetch Them". Men scramble into life buoys. Shot of one being lowered away from cameraship and making off. Shots of the recovery of cutter. HMS Rodney and HMS Nelson visible in the background. "HMS Renown Experiences Difficulty in Docking". Long shot from head of dock as HMS Renown enters, but is too far over and scrapes the side before swinging over too far and touching the other side. "Safely in at Last". HMS Renown in dock. "Regatta at Scapa Flow". Long shot from HMS Rodney as cutters from ships of the fleet pull over the water in a race. "Rehearsal of Pirate and Prelate". Chorus perform antics on deck. Close up of 'heroine' making up.

II. Various exercises on board HMS Dragon, apparently in Mediterranean waters. These include hoisting in picket boats in rough seas, target practice using pom-poms and six inch gun battery. Shots of ships at Gibraltar including Argus and HMS Hawkins, as well as shots of HMS Nelson. The reel ends with a sequence headed "Exercise at Sea" which shows the men playing deck hockey, while HMS Nelson is visible in line ahead.

Sequences related to HMS Rodney and HMS Dragon.



  • HMS DRAGON (Allocated)
  • HMS RODNEY PART 1 (Allocated)
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10 minutes
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377 ft

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