This film is held by the Imperial War Museum (ID: MGH 3629).


Messages home from British Army and Navy personnel in India to their loved ones in the Southampton area. Canteen scenes.

Indicative extract from recording: Unidentified Serviceman: Howdy there! I think your husband wishes to speak to you. He's just over there, playing darts and, boy, what a rotten dart player! You there Bert? You want to speak? You bet he do! Just coming... Bert: Hello darling. I hope you're well, and no doubt you're surprised to see me on the screen? I never thought I'd have this opportunity of speaking to you from here. Uh, Jess, Mum and Dad, and Bobby, Brian and little Doreen, I suppose, they're with you? Can you see me Bobby? Hello, hello Brian, hello Doreen. There we are, there's a kiss for you (blows a kiss), and one for you too, dear (blows another kiss). I'm getting my mail quite regular, and I hope you're getting... I'm getting my mail quite regular, I hope you're getting mine too. I've had the good fortune to meet young Bill Butler from up against the yacht. You know him, of course. He's here now. C'mon Bill. There y'are. I haven't seen him for this last ten years. Well, it's all yours Bill. Goodbye darling! Bill: Cheers mate. Well, my dear, hope both you and the baby are in good health, as I am, pretty fit. Remember me to them all at home...just longing to get home. I'd like a bit more mail, though...


Summary: indicative extract courtesy of Wessex Film and Sound Archive,




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