This film is held by the BFI (ID: 62614).


The beginnings of oil exploration in Kuwait. The opening of the first pipeline. General scenes in Kuwait.

Credits (38). Map shows the position of Kuwait (70). CU His Highness Sir Ahmad al-jabir as-Subhah (85). HAS city of Kuwait (103). CS same (131). AV of the city walls (151). Shots through an archway where Arabs are standing looking on to a tree-lined avenue (159). HAS Sheikh walking in his palace courtyard accompanied by his entourage, including on his rhs his son Sheikh Abdullah as-Salim as Subhah and his ADC Sheikh Issad Jahfeer (?) (167). MS as they walk towards the camera (186). CU Sheikh with his two sons (204). MCU Colonel Hay (?) British political agent conducts an investiture of two Kuwaitis (240). CU Sheikh's armed bodyguards (259). Sheikh sitting inside palace 9273). MS ext palace (296). MLS Office of Director of Public Security (305). Municipality building (318). MS police station (329). Law Courts (340). Another building (350). MS American Mission and hospital (380). CU Dr Gene Mykerk (?) and his family (396). Dr L. Scudder and family (404). Shots of the open air clinic (424). Animal traffic passes through through the city gates (446). CU goats being herded (466). Street scene in Kuwait City (514). HAS tracking shot of the port with boats (530). Scenes in the boatyard (601). A man carries coils of rope over each shoulder (610). A timber yard (619). HAS port (633). Scenes at a water point (650). A young man leads away a donkey which is loaded with waterskins (657). Drawing water from a well (670). A lorry drives out to the desert (680). A camp (707). Camels with herdman (723). CU herdsmen (730). Another (736). View of the desert with CU grass used as camel fodder (751). Grass is in large bundles tied to the camels' backs to be taken back to the city where it is used as fuel (776). Donkey similarly loaded walking to the city (790). A camp where the bundles lie about in stacks (798). Fade (800). Map of Kuwait shows the situation of the oilfields (823). LS oil platform in the desert (833). Workers walking into a large shed (850). Posing for the camera (871). CU Mr J. Burch, an engineer (883). CU L.H. Young, a power engineer (894). CU A.W. Higginbottom, an American driller (902). CU W.A. Provo (?) a civil engineer with a bull terrier (910). CU P.W. Hollins and W. Grant (920). Col. Dixon (930). CU signpost to Magwa (935). Staff accommodation (956). Mr. T.E. Patrick and his family pose for the camea in their backyard (975). Scenes on a workshop site (985). CU R.T. Cunliffe and V.A. Sibbick (997). Car drives towards camera (1003). Men at oil well (1008). CU B. Robinson (1016). CU Grady U. Izzbel (?) (1023). HAS desert and rig (1032). MCU tower (1050). Sinking drill head (1109). Shots of hte pipeline (1147); and field tanks (1172). CU W. Legrand, petroleum engineer (1182). A man at a stop cock (1185). Tanks for storage (1193). Ext pumphouse (1201). Int powerhouse (1226). Pipeline in the desert (1236). HAS storage tanks and pipelines (1277). CU J.M. Dougally (?) (1283). HAS pipelines to tankers offshore (1310). MLS tanker (1318). LS pipeline in foreground, tanker on the horizon (1331). A building (1340). A pumping station(?) (1365). Tracking HAS shoreline installations (1377). fade (1379). A car draws up (1381). Sheikh Subhah greets oil company officials (1391). Walking along carpets (1400). MS crowds looking on (1406). CU soldiers (1412). Arrival of British political resident and agent (1426). Crowd (1430). Sheikh and oil company officials walk towards the camera (1443). CU Sheikh opening main valve (1450). MS same (1455). Sheikh hoists flag as a loading signal to offshore tankers (1464). Sheikh poses for the camea (1467). Presentation of a gold casket from oil company to sheikh (1483). MCU audience present (1501). Oil company official Mr Southwell make a speech (not audible (1510). The presentation (1526). Sheikh's reply speech (1550). Several oil company workes are presented to the sheikh (1574). Cuts to shots of rice in large dishes being carried forward for a banquet (15820. Large cauldrons of cooking food (1599). Shots of dancing intercut with those of the audience (1764). CU sheikh posing for the camera in palace courtyard (1809). The End (1823ft) .




Technical Data

Running Time:
20 minutes
Film Gauge (Format):
35mm Film
1817 ft

Production Credits

Production Countries:
Great Britain