This film is held by the Imperial War Museum (ID: MGH 6619-2).


[VHS] "From Cairo to the Cape Part II" "October 27, 1934 - April 24, 1935"

Pans across the African plains and mountains in the distance. Peggy sits on a water buffalo ? just shot, Larry poses next to it with his gun. Profile portrait of an African tribeswoman A map shows the route from Lake Manyara to Kondoa Irangi in Tanganyika. General shots of the village and river. Scenes of the plains from an elevated position. Peggy walks through the bush accompanied by several African men. Individual portraits of two of the men, followed by a pan across a large group of villagers.

[16mm] Brief shot of a man writing. The safari moves through the jungle, Peggy is carried on a long chair. Supplies are carried by numerous local helpers. Larry stands next to an elephant he has shot. The elephant is cut into pieces, which are bundled up and carried off. Peggy on a mule. Scenes around their camp. Peggy poses next to an elephant she has shot. All the helpers pose around the dead elephant before skinning and cutting it up. Peggy and Larry pose with the tusks. Scenes of the safari party returning from their trip. In a village, a white family pose for the camera. A map outlines the journey from Kondoa Irangi to Dodoma, Tanganyika. A truck is loaded and attempts to cross a wide, fast flowing river. Dodoma train station?, hotel and church. A provisions store. Scenes of the village. A map shows southern Africa [the route to be followed has been cropped off the top of the frame]. A freight train is loaded. Train station? Harbour. Kabalo, Congo? A map showing the next part of the route. Harbour and village scenes. Hotel du Lac. A man in a white safari suit poses next to an elephant's skull? A map shows the route will pass between Bukama and Elizabethville, Belgian Congo. Shots of grassy plains from the river. Men load logs? onto boats. Locals gather by the water's edge. A paddle steamer sets off on the river. More scenes of the grassy and palm lined river banks. Villages and people swimming. A stationary train. Post office? Town centre. Hotel Globe and Cinema. More buildings in the town centre. The map shows the route continuing on to Ndola, Rhodesia and Victoria Falls. Car waiting at border? In town, a sign reads 'Livingstone. 1647 miles from Cape Town. 2977 feet above sea level' and 'Victoria Falls'. Views of the falls. A bi-plane (ZS-AFK) takes off. Views of the falls from the plane. The map shows route on to Bulawayo, Rhodesia. Street scenes. A visit to Matobo National Park and Cecil John Rhodes' grave. The route continues on to Johannesburg. Aerial views of the city. Shots around the city. Very brief shot of some gold bullion? On to Cape Town. Aerial views. Commercial Hotel. Aerial views of mountains. Views of the city taken from across the water. Busy street scenes, a market. Views of the city and countryside from a cable car and Table Mountain. Cliffs and the shoreline. A cliff top road. A thatched building (a pub?) A hill top building with columns. "The Trip Home" A map outlines the route to be followed: Tristan da Cunha, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Sao Paolo, Rio de Janiero, Trinidad, Jamaica, Havana, New York. The ocean liner in port. Tristan da Cunha? Views of steep cliffs from the water, small rowing boats heading for the ship. Goods are unloaded. Another larger boat offshore. Map. Cityscape from an elevated position - Buenos Aires. The Congress building. A large office building. Church. Street scenes. A park. Rodin's Thinker. Statues. Busy port scenes. More views of the city. Trams, cars, buses, horsedrawn carts. Statue of cattle drivers? Street scenes. Beach with little beach huts. Map. Sao Paolo. Scenes of the city. A snake farm? Trip up Sugar Loaf Mountain in a cable car. Avenue of tall palm trees. Views of the city form the water. Map. Scenes back on board the liner. Some passengers reluctant to be filmed. Deck games. Scenes in Trinidad? Or Jamiaca? Religious celebration? A shot of the ship off-shore. Map. On to Havana and New York. Palm trees, beaches and the city. Arriving in New York, Manhattan skyline. "The End"

Amateur film by an American millionaire of his tour through Africa with his wife.


Parts of the film are under-exposed.




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United States of America
cameraman ?
Thaw, Lawrence Copley