Jackson Collection: 29: Scenes from Tamale

This film is held by the British Empire & Commonwealth Museum (ID: 2005/092/029).


Gold Coast. Rural Colonial Fort / Residence. British Colonial officer with wife walks down exterior stairs to courtyard where they and their son play with their dogs. In the Courtyard there is drawn up a Guard of African troops with bugler. The Guard present arms as the bugler sounds his bugler. Country road with train of bullocks and their carts being driven. Lawn of Garden of Residence with British colonial officer in casual clothing relaxing and talking to smartly dressed Ladies. Grounds of the Residence in which a group of young African men prepare explosive charges which are then fired to form a hole at the corner the building. The mistress of the house supervises the gardeners in the flower garden of grounds of the Residence. The mistress of the house on horseback in the grounds of the Residence with her husband also on horseback prepare to go riding. African Male domestic staff line up for their photograph and then are shown in detail character study. Governor from a Dais presenting medals to British colonial lady and then British colonial officer at an outdoors gathering held to mark the inauguration of a new water supply. The gathering of local people in a large circle in the centre of which is a fountain to mark the new water supply. British colonial officer offers sample of water in glass to the official party. The local dignitaries and people spectate the occasion. Governor with his officials closely inspect the new water channel at the waterworks. Large group of African women who carry containers wait in crowd with their young children to take water from the village tap just installed in the centre of the village to serve the village with the new water supply. A single African policeman supervises the queue of villagers. Racetrack in the country with horse racing in progress watched by the race goers from small stand by the finish post (Bawku Races?). In the grounds of the Residence a gang of African labours quarry stone from the ground with crowbars and chisels. The quarried stone is then used in the garden ground as a landscape feature. Official celebrations on the opening of The Mavrongo War Memorial Hospital. Large gathering of local dignitaries and people seated under official bunting. Inspection of Guard of Honour of African Troops by Governor. Celebrations attended by Roman Catholic clergymen in white habit and hood with group of nuns in white habits and hats. British colonial policemen keep an eye on the crowd. Unveiling of commemorative plaque by Governor. Festive dancing by local tribesmen. The buildings of the Hospital shown after the opening with wreath of poppies on the commemorative plaque.

Production / Donor Details: Donor's grandfather, Sir Francis Walter F Jackson was Chief Commissioner, Gold Coast (Ghana) 1934-36.



  • Jackson Collection: 29: Scenes from Tamale (Archive)
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