Jackson Collection: 33: Various official events, Gold Coast

This film is held by the British Empire & Commonwealth Museum (ID: 2005/092/033).


Gold Coast. Inter Title "Funeral Costoms by Kumasi Chief in Remebrance of the late Sir Cecil Armitage and Mr N. S. Newlands. Kumasi. 12th Apirl 1933." At a large outdoor gathering, held on a sports field, the Ashanti people re-enact the funeral rituals and demonstrations they would carry through on the death of one of their high chiefs. The tribal goods and symbols of authority are processed. The twirling of the heraldic shields in the air. The dancing with the drums. The tribesmen chase around and discharge their muskets. The Kumasi chief walks through the crowds with his entourage. The other chiefs with their ceremonial umbrellas. The arrival of the Muslim chief in his open top car through the crowds. The reading of an address by an African official or lawyer dressed in a European suit. The large crowds seated quietly on the grass. African brass band. His excellency the High Commissioner in full uniform strides through the crowd. Inter Title "Kumasilhene showing various regalia including the Golden Stool." Tribesmen arrival at the large outdoor gathering. Tribal "goods" being carried i.e. wooden and metal articles. The "Hene" is carried on a litter. Groups of men carrying and playing drums while they dance through the crowds. Group of British colonial officials with their wives seated and relaxed informally watch the proceedings. The "Golden Stool" is carried through the assembly. The Chiefs progress on foot under their ceremonial umbrellas. The "Magic man" is shown in his costume. The "Hene" walks through the crowds. Inter Title. "H.E. The Governor's Durbar.-Kumasi. April 1933." Crowds, behind a boundary rope, seated in a orderly fashion waiting for the commencement of the occasion. Arrival of the Governor's car followed by his inspection of drawn up African troops. The Governor standing with his party on the official dais which has palm roof and some bunting that matches the bunting on other parts of the field. The "Hene " seated under his umbrella with his entourage and the tribal goods displayed near him. The Governor with his party of officials makes a tour of the assembled chiefs seated under their umbrellas. Brownies, that is to say small girls who not old enough to be Girl Guides jump and down to welcome the Governor. Boy Scout Cubs with their Cub master salute flagpole, Muslim chiefs in their white robes and costume gather before the official dais to pay their respects to the Governor by prostrating themselves before him. The "Hene " comes forward with his entourage to shake hands with the Governor. There is then a continuous procession of tribal figures who come forward to the Dais to pay their respects together with their people who carry the Tribal Goods. Group of musketeers with their musketeers charge forward with their muskets. African soldier with Sergeant's stripes on his sleeve tries to supervise those approaching the Dais to keep them in order. General celebrations amongst the tribes men who jig around holding and displaying their Tribal Goods. Inter Title. "King's Birthday. Gold Coast Regiment. Kumasi. 1933" Parade ground field surrounded by palm trees. Africans troops drawn up in rows with their British officers standing in front of each company of soldiers. The troops present their rifles and the officers present their swords. March past by all soldiers, which includes their military band. Governor on the Dais taking salute by flagpole from stand is flying. Official party of civilians is seated nearby. The Garden party reception to celebrate the King's Birthday held in garden grounds of the official residence at Kumasi?. Large number of seated guests (both British and African) socialise while being served refreshments at their tables. A seated group then move their chairs around to watch a Tennis mixed foursome being played. Other guests watch British lady demonstrating her golf Putting skill. Open-air, open ground. Group of African women potters shown in the various stages of the making of large earthen dishes which are laid out on the ground. The production is by hand and no potter's wheel is used. Inter Title. "Kumasi Day, July 15th 1933 showing old veterans who fought in Kumasi Siege 1900" Courtyard of old Fortress at Kumasi? Group of British civilians watch while crippled veteran soldiers are carried upstairs on a litter. Nurses in attendance. Other disabled soldiers. Old veteran soldiers seated and dressed in ancient British military uniform while displaying chest of medals. The sign "Magazine" is clearly visible on a wall. Group of African Veterans are drawn up in their ancient uniforms and medals. Group of civilians also stand in line dressed in white suits and showing their medals pinned to their chests. Small guard of African troops with bugle boy go through their arms drill and changing Guard drill while watched by small crowd outside the Fort. Inter Title "Armistice Day Ceremonial. Kumasi. 1933" Arrival of African troops at Cenotaph monument with British officers. Troops are drawn up around three sides of the memorial. African troops standing at the corners of the memorial perform the symbolic drill with their rifles. Commemoratory wreathes are laid by British colonial officials and British military officers on the steps of the Cenotaph. The "Hene " dressed in his African costume then lays his wreath having been escorted to the memorial by a servant carrying a ceremonial umbrella. Group of British colonial males congregate to watch the ceremony with their wives while standing; informally, in front of the walls of buildings at the edge of the Cenotaph Square. The British men wear poppies. The "Hene" leaves on foot with his party. At the end of the ceremony the African troops march off from the memorial with their officers.

Production / Donor Details: Donor's grandfather, Sir Francis Walter F Jackson was Chief Commissioner, Gold Coast (Ghana) 1934-36.



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