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TRAVELOGUE. Life and work of the peasants of Cyprus. This film consists of material shot for the 1929 film CYPRUS, re-edited and with a sound commentary.

Credits (18). A car drives along a mountain road in Cyprus. A camel caravan. Car approaches an aqueduct (85). Mountains. View from the top (100). A monastery. Two priests of the Greek Orthodox Church (128). Carts laden with Christ-thorn returning from the town to a village (138). Peasant woman removes loaves from a bee-hive oven (156). Raising water by means of a wheel driven by a donkey. CU of the primitive cogs (185). A woman washing clothes in a stream (194). Children entering school at Kykko: the school bell in a tree (225). Peasant women spinning cotton thread (242). Weaving the thread: two women at a loom (260). Women making Cyprus lace, CU of the pattern (278). A potter making a bowl at his wheel (319). Glazing the finished bowl (340). A chairmaker at work, using a primitive saw and a simple lathe (385). Felling a tree in a forest. The logs slide down a chute to the saw mill (425). View of a plain. Flock of sheep; herd of cattle. Ploughing by oxen (480). Threshing by means of a primitive board on which the driver stands (508). Beating hemp fibre (540). Women twisting the fibre into threads, then into ropes (576). Sheep crossing a road flooded by heavy rain (590). Women at work in the tobacco fields. Stringing the tobacco leaves on a line to dry in the sun. Sorting the cured leaves (660). Knocking olives out of olive trees using a long pole (690). Crushing the olives in a press powered by a donkey. The olive oil so obtained (733). Apples are weighed in an orchard, using stones as weights. A Cypriot woman, wearing dark peasant clothing, picking apples (762). Mohammedan women, wearing white cloth, working in an orange grove (783). A Mohammedan wedding procession. Guests carrying home the wedding presents (853). Two male guests dancing (884). A mosque. Dawn breaking over a salt lake (906). Credit (915ft).




Technical Data

Running Time:
10 minutes
Film Gauge (Format):
35mm Film
931 ft

Production Credits

Production Company
British Instructional Films