This film is held by the BFI (ID: 12732).


"INTEREST". The dances, housing and local industries of New Guinea. A map indicates the equatorial rain forests in South America, South Africa and South East Asia. Scenes showing the vegetation, islanders walk in single file beneath palm trees.

"Houses - built on water and land - are roofed with sago palm leaves". Houses, built on stilts, have steeply pitched roofs. An islander in a canoe approaches. Young children and dogs on a porch in front of a house. A second family group with a pig. An out-rigger canoe is propelled by means of a long pole in a manner similar to a punt. A village street; houses with tall palm trees beside them; a typical house under construction - palm branches being carried towards the house. "Native boats ply between the islands". Six boats sail out to sea - close-up of the sails - boats running onto a beach. "There is a large demand for shellfish". Three small rowing boats from which divers work to recover shellfish - they throw their catch into the boat - the catch being measured. "Rubber growing is a stable industry of the island". A worker cuts the bark of a tree in such a way that the rubber flows into a tin container which is emptied into a bucket. Contents of the bucket are processed. Workers display long strands of rubber about a foot wide. "Pottery is made from local clay. They use shells to mark out the decorations". Women roll clay between their hands to make ropes of clay with which they make the pots. The pots are decorated by scratching designs on the outside with sea shells. "Coconut growing is the most important industry. The coconuts are exported as Copra". Close-up of coconuts on the tree. A worker gathers some coconuts and fixes them to a pole; coconuts are opened, the meat extracted and the residue used for copra. "Rivers are crossed by bridges of rushes". Two porters carry a load suspended from a pole; a number of porters climb a ladder to gain access to a bridge and cross over a river. "Dances, which last days or weeks are held on any pretext". A group of women dancers following drummers. Men wearing tall cone-shaped head pieces perform a dance. A group of drummers. (657 ft).




Technical Data

Running Time:
7 minutes
Film Gauge (Format):
35mm Film
649 ft

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