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TRAVELOGUE. Scenes in Malaya.

No main title. "A prominent land-mark - Government House, residence of the Governor of the Strait Settlements" (4). LS Government House in Singapore (?) (18). "The railway-traveller through Malaya meets contrast at every turn, Rubber plantation...." (29). Travelling shot from train of rubber plantation (43) "....Tracts of mysterious forests...." (47). Travelling shot of jungle (57). "Glimpses of the ancient placid East between the girders of a highly modern bridge." (66). Travelling shot of village and river seen through the girders of a bridge (92). View from the back of the train of the bridge (99). "A picturesque bridge laid on pontoons." (104). LS of bridge over wide river; a car crosses the bridge (134). "There is nothing out-of-date about the railway repair-shops at Kuala Lumpur." (145). An engine is wheeled onto a track; the track is then wheeled at right angles to the engine taking the engine into the repair shop (209). "A crane to handle 12-ton trucks." (213). Interior of the workshops; a crane lifts the bottom section of a rail wagon (253). "Back to the picturesque - the dwelling of a Malay ruler." (260). LS of four-storey palace (?), made from wood, viewed over formal garden in foreground (220). "Picturesque, too, in his national costume, the ruler himself arrives at a social function." (280). The ruler (?) crosses a lawn with a man carrying an umbrella behind him. His wife and family follow. Another ruler (?) with his family also follows, along with three Europeans (327). "Now back to Industry again! A typical stretch of country in the famous Malayan tinfields." (336). Pan of tin mining landscape (361). "Limestone "pinnacles" are a feature of the region." (366). Limestone landscape (409). "Modern science has speeded up the industry." (414). A steam shovel at work in a tin mine (486ft).

Note: This may be part of the EMPIRE series made by British Instructional Films.




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Film Gauge (Format):
35mm Film

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Great Britain
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British Instructional Films



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