This film is held by the Imperial War Museum (ID: ADM 1438).


I. LS-CU as one of 848's American-built Whirlwind HAS.21s sweeps in to land in a cleared area. Aerial view from helicopter in flight over cultivated land. Sequence showing two helicopters, recognition letters 'H' and 'F', landing Gurkhas at Kampong Jalong - the men carry M1 carbines and one carries a Bren. At the end of the sequence 'H' is being refuelled as 'F' alights nearby.

II. At Benta Sebrang in Pahang, men of the 6th Malay Regiment enter helicopters 'C' and 'K', the more heavily burdened being helped into the aircraft - the Malays are armed with a mixture of M1s and No 5 jungle carbines, with the usual Bren gunner, and at least one man carrying a No 4. The helicopters take off, 'C' trailing a deplaning rope. The scene then shifts to a clearing north of Benta where the men are set down - one of the soldiers, in his haste to clear the aircraft, falls flat on his face.

III. LA as helicopter 'C', piloted by Lieutenant-Commander Knight, sets down on a sandy beach next to a jungle river, where waiting SAS men start unloading heavy kit. 'C' takes off, to be followed by helicopter 'D', piloted by Lieutenant Walden - more kit is disembarked.

IV. Aerial view of dense jungle around Seremban in Negri Sembilan, and LS as a companion helicopter drops a stick of three parachutists of 22nd SAS - they drift away towards a village near a winding river, the camera following one parachutist who seems to successfully manoeuvre himself between the trees. Cut to CU on the ground as three parachutists board helicopter WV 194. Another aerial LS as helicopter drops parachutists - the three-man stick remains better grouped than previously, and the camera follows two of the men down together - both become entangled in the tree-tops.

V. Aerial view of Fort Shean, a police outpost in the Cameron Highlands, North West Pahang, set up to protect the aborigines of the interior from the terrorists. A quadrangle of huts in a cleared area of jungle.

VI. Ground crew personnel at work. Men drain petrol from a large drum into the jerry cans used to refuel the aircraft. Helicopter 'E' alights. Groundcrew refuel helicopters and load supplies - boxes of .303 ammunition and a crate bearing the legend 'Jungle Boots, Size 9, Without Laces'.

V. Helicopter 'D' alights in a clearing about 30 miles from the Thai-Malayan border in the Grik area of Perak. Men of 1/6th Gurkhas run up and board. 'D' lifts off, to be replaced by helicopters 'G' and 'F'.

VI. Aerial view of helicopter 'H' alighting in a grassy clearing in the jungle of the Triang area. The camera aircraft descends and three heavily laden men of the 4th Malay Regiment deplane by rope - the aircraft is hovering only a short distance above the ground.

VII. Reel Two. MS-LS as a prahu moves along the river carrying four soldiers and two native crewmen, and HA from the bank as the boat comes in to the shore. MS from aft along a boat crowded with Gurkhas. The men go ashore at a village passing their kit up the steep bank. A smoke grenade is exploded to mark the site for a RAF Valletta circling the area, and the aircraft releases two parachutes. Men watch a 'chutes descent - the nearest has an Owen SMG slung over his shoulder. MCU as the para-dropped supplies descend through the branches of a tree to hang suspended near the ground. Boxes of rations are carried along a jungle trail into the encampment where they are stored off the ground in open shelters. A native boy lends a hand, preparing a palm leaf for thatch. Back at the base camp troops fall in on a grassy field, while their officers consult with the pilots of 848 Squadron. The soldiers board the helicopters which lift off. CU of helicopter's control board and the pilot of the camera aircraft, and aerial views of the dense jungle below. An officer onboard talks briefly with a Gurkha. Cut to LS-MS from the ground as helicopter 'B' lands in a clearing in the jungle made by the advance party. Helicopter 'F' follows. CU of one of the RN cameramen filming the airlift - he is holding a Newman-Sinclair camera. Further shots of helicopters disembarking troops in the landing zone and taking on more men back at base. Final aerial shot shows three helicopters flying in formation over the jungle, and the view as the camera aircraft passes over a river, the camera panning up to show distant forested hillsides.

The work of 848 Squadron airlifting troops in jungle areas.



  • 848 SQUADRON IN MALAYA (Allocated)

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