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INTEREST. Apparently a compilation of three or more African travelogues, including material on the port of Mits'iwa in Ethiopia, and Cherry Kearton's Kenya expedition with Colonel "Buffalo" Jones in 1911.

Africans digging a road; a traction engine moves off with a wagon-load of earth, watched by several Europeans, male and female (44). Phantom ride on train along a railway line cut through a hillside, passing through tunnels in the rock (105). View from directly behind the engine as the train passes through a station, then through a forest of palm trees, past a lake and over a river (221). SZENEN IN MASSUA (ABESSINIEN). The port of Mits'iwa: wooden ships and steamships in dock, native porters on the quayside, dhows; native boys jumping into the water. A small sailing craft arrives and the passengers disembark (341). A dhow moors (371). A large circular monument (390). A camel train moves along a street (468). Scenes in the market (497). Camels kneel to be unloaded at the quayside (538). Camel caravan from At-Kijabe walks along the pier (582). Porters hired by the Kearton-Jones expedition are inspected with their loads before departure from Nairobi. The expedition sets off, led by Jones and his two fellow cowboys and their dogs. The expedition carries three flags: the Union Jack, the Stars and Stripes, and a Cross of St George on which can be read "Boma Safari" (675). The horsemen crossing a dried river bed, followed by the porters. Teams of oxen pulling wagons across a ford (880). One of the expedition's camps (915). Cowboy on horseback in the bush whirling his lasso (922). VOLKSVERGNUEGUNGEN IN MOMBASA. A fairground in Mombasa, Africans riding on a primitive Ferris wheel (959). TANZ DER REGEN- MAKER. An African, accompanied by four drummers, and with several Africans looking on, performs a dance in front of a village hut (981). EINGEBORENE AM ZIEHBRUNNEN. Africans drawing water from a well, a large thatched building in the background (996). Colonel Jones and one of the cowboys joking with a village headman. Jones lends him a coat and a topi, in return for his spear and shield (1036). Several Africans dancing round fire. A similar dance at night (1100). Jones and the other two Americans ride into Nairobi at the head of the expedition on its return, followed by wagons on which various crates are visible (1157ft).

Note: (221-582) is possibly SCENES IN MASSUA (pc: Warwick Trading Co, 1910) (cf. Bioscope. 20.1.1910 p.54). (582-922 ; 996-1157) are the beginning and end sections of a film released in the USA under the title LASSOING WILD ANIMALS IN AFRICA (Moving Picture World 25.2.1911 p.404), and which is held separately in the Joye Collection (nos. 1833/34), under that title. (922-996) is an extract from WITH ROOSEVELT IN AFRICA (ph: Cherry Kearton 1909).




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Warwick Trading Company