This film is held by the BFI (ID: 351489).


Amateur footage of a trip from Madagascar to Pemba Island.

The film opens in colour with a French steamer leaving Madagascar at Majunga, showing crowded deck scenes and a dhow pulls away from the boat. The film then changes to black and white with a shot of Zanzibar beach, and fishermen. A man is seen opening coconuts and a boy sailing a model boat. There are shots of Chaki Chaki [Chake Chake] at Pemba, with garden work being done at Jongo and street scenes in Chaki Town. Various views and building work around Chaki is also shown. A caption then announces "Banawi. Sunrise & coming ashore". A path is followed through a clove plantation and various FSC workers are named and shown: H. & I. Heath; W. & D. White; Emily Hutchinson; E. & G. Wyatt. Exercises in a local school are seen, and people picking cloves. The East Coast of Pemba is visited, and the party walk through the bush. A boy is shown climbing a palm tree, and school lessons and smiling Pemba boys are seen. The film ends with shots of swamps and tree scapes and a tea party.



  • PEMBA (Archive)

Technical Data

Film Gauge (Format):
16mm Film
Colour and Black/White
331 ft

Production Credits

Production Countries:
Great Britain
WIGHAM, Cuthbert