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Taken in Nigeria, this film shows the production of cocoa, how the farmer prepares the beans and how the cocoa co-operative society manages the collection and marketing of the produce.

Lawani, a Nigerian cocoa farmer, harvests and prepares the beans for market. As a member of a Co-operative Primary Society, he entrusts the sale of his beans to his educated son, Belo. His beans are weighed and graded. The money earned is then looked after in a bank by the Primary Society.

Lawani attends a meeting of the society at which he is chosen to accompany the secretary on a trip to the Marketing Union. Lawani is thus able to see how the operation, entirely in the hands of Nigerians, works as he visits the Union warehouse. A meeting of the Marketing Union is interrupted by a telephone call explaining that the Union has been allocated 400 tons of shipping space in a vessel due to sail in 48 hours. A large scale operation begins, as lorries transport cocoa to the trains and onto the ship. The cargo is then hoisted aboard. On hearing about the successful completion of the job, Lawani invites his friends and neighbours to his house to celebrate the work of the Co-operative society.




Technical Data

Running Time:
20 minutes
Film Gauge (Format):
35mm Film
1931 ft

Production Credits

Production Countries:
Great Britain
Production Company
Colonial Film Unit



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