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A journey along the West African coast to Lagos and scenes in Lagos.

No main title. "At sunrise we arrive off Freetown, Sierra Leone..." (12). Sunrise (14). Africans swimming from canoes (33). "Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone and the Sugar Loaf Mountain..." (40). No picture. "Off Sekondi, Gold Coast Colony..." (52). No picture. "Coming aboard at Sekondi..." (67). No picture. "The British colony and protectorate of Nigeria..."(79). Map of Nigeria (80). "Lagos the capital of Nigeria." (92). Travelling shot along riverbank, a long quay and one-storey buildings (118). "SS Aba the good ship in which we made our voyage." (121). No picture. "Government House. The residence of His Excellency Sir Huge Clifford, G.C.M.G." (129). Travelling shot of same (136). "Sir Hugh Clifford and the Legislative Council outside Government House." (143). LS of a group of Europeans standing in archway of a large building (154). "The Secretariat. The Government Office of Nigeria." (160). Travelling shot of grand buildings on riverbank (183). Travelling shot along riverbank of Lagos Island (201). Travelling shot from car along The Marina (207-230). The head office of the Niger Company (234-241); closer view under verandah of Europeans working at and sitting on desks (249). "Messrs. Walkden's Stores, on the Marina." (252). Same (261). "Messrs. Walkden's residential bungalow." (265). A large, two-storey, Victorian-like building with stores attached (275). "Polo. Lagos is provided for in the way of sport..." (286). No picture. "The tennis court..." (297). No picture. "Lagos. Street scenes and native life." (299). Market scenes (326). "Great Bridge Street, Lagos." (329). Shots of pedestrians in the street (349). "One of the Niger Company's Canteen at Lagos." (354). HAS of the canteen, people mill about in the foregound, pan left to riverbank (372). "Weighing and Bagging palm Kernels at one of the Niger Company's stores." (381). Bags are weighed and carried off; LS pan left of the scenes (415). "In the meat market." (418). Market scenes (431). Scenes at the native potato (yam) market at Ebute Metta (457). "Messrs. MacIver's Store, Lagos." (461). Same (470). "Messrs. MacIver's Oilbeach, Lagos." (472). Buildings, a quay and many barrels of oil on the quay (485). "Opening the Court of Assize at Lagos." (489). The ceremony, an African band leads in the native Nigerian Police Force in front of a building with classical columns; Judge A.K. Pennington (in full ceremonial garbe) inspects the guard of honour (554ft). "A view of Dr. Gray's Private Hospital" (556). Pan left from river of trees, lawn and two-storey large hospital (580). "Making cement Blocks and Pillars at Apapa for the new docks" (587). XLS stream cranes on dock side viewed across river (602). "Divers at work" (604). LS of floating steam cranes, to the left are three barges. Men can just be seen using pumping equipment and a diver can just be seen emerging from the water (624); closer view (though still LS) of similar scenes (638). "We return to headquarters amid more beautiful river scenery" (640). Travelling shot of native village (648ft).



  • NIGERIA 205071A (Archive)

Technical Data

Film Gauge (Format):
35mm Film
648 ft

Production Credits

Production Countries:
Great Britain
Niger Company