24 HOURS[17/04/69]

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[Compilation tape.] 00.00 Calypso song on war in Anguilla. 03.35 Russian news report (in Russian). 10.28 Censorship Interview - Michael Barratt talks to Dr George Steiner (critic) and Charles Manowitz (producer) about whether violent or immoral activity on stage harms people. Includes short extracts from stage plays 'ASSAULT ON A CHILD', 'THE RULING CLASS' and 'THE BOYS IN THE BAND'. 10.52 Russian Generals. Michael Barratt, using a black board, calculates the statistical odds of the deaths of Russian Generals over the age of 60. 10.56 World Communism. Robert McKenzie discusses the split in the Communist Party with Jack Woddis (British Communist Party) and correspondents from Italy and Bulgaria. 11.11 Denis Tuohy interviews Count Carl Gustav Von Rosen discussing his involvement in war torn Biafra. 11.17 Michael Barratt interviews Kahn-Tineta Horn, a Mohawk campaigner for Indian rights in Canada. 11.24 another take of the interview with Miss Horn.



  • 24 HOURS[17/04/69]
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