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DRAMA. A British general is captured by a Mahdi. His daughter, is also imprisoned but escapes and summons the Scottish Highlanders who come to the rescue.

No main title. General Dent, a British soldier, in his quarters in the Sudan talking to his three daughters - Flower teases him and is clearly his favourite. Mohammed Ahmad enters. The daughters do not like him and they leave but Ahmad is enamoured of Flower. "Mohammed Ahmed becomes a Mahdi and incites tribes to revolt". Mohammad Ahmed waving a banner and leading the cheering, spear-carrying Mahdists to revolt. The General leaves for the front and takes an emotional farewell of his daughters. The last stand of the revolt. The Mahdists massacre the Anglo/Egyptian soldiers. Muhammed Ahmed declares victory and takes the General prisoner. He forces the General to sign a letter whch reads `Dear Misses, I am caring for your father. He is too weak to write so I send a ring as a message. Come at once. Your friend Muhammed Ahmed, Mahdi. The message is delivered to the daughters who immediately prepare to leave. Before they go Flower takes pistols from the drawer and they each take one. Muhammed Ahmed in the General's cell. He tells him he will be killed if his daughters don't come. The daughters arrive on camels. Muhammed Ahmed greets them and shows them to their father's cell. Once they are all inside Muhammed Ahmed leaves and instructs one of his men to guard the door. The women realise that they are prisoners. A female servant enters with a pitcher of water. Flower has a plan. She points a pistol at the servant and orders her to hand over her veil and clothes. The daughters instruct the servant girl to call out at the door that she wishes to leave. She does so but it is Flower, in the servant's clothes and veil, who leaves and passes unnoticed by the guard. Flower rides away to get help. A troop of Highlanders on the march. Muhammed Ahmed goes to the cell door and finds it locked. The daughters refuse to open it. The Highlanders marching - Flower rides up to them and asks for help. Inside the cell the servant girl takes a dagger and attempts to kill one of the daughters but the General restrains her. Flower rides ahead of the Highlanders to show the way. Muhammed Ahmed and two of his men attempt to break down the door with the butt of their rifles. One of the daughters points her pistol through the grille and fires; one of the men falls injured. The Highlanders arrive just as Muhammed Ahmed has succeeded in breaking down the door. The General embraces his brave daughter and shakes hands with the colonel leading the regiment. The colonel and Flower are attracted to each other (848ft). [Flower and the colonel fall in love and receive their father's blessing]. (1000ft).




Technical Data

Film Gauge (Format):
35mm Film
1000 ft

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cast member
Production Company
Vitagraph Company of America