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    CINEMAGAZINE. Aborigines are forte of self-taught sculptor. Child welfare centre is boon in New Guinea. Plastic bowls show they run true to form. The history of duelling through the ages.


    CINEMAGAZINE. Architectural modelling at Sydney University. Tasmanian re-enactment of the Federal Council of Australia. Pottery making in Western Australia. Native school teachers in New Guinea.

    7 DAYSAustralia

    Current affairs report examines Britain's efforts to contain Indonesian guerrilla activity in Borneo and Sarawak (Malaysia), where 1st Battalion 7th Gurkhas are seen on patrol and are interviewed, and raises ...

    Great Britain

    A fictional study of Imperial India seen through the reminiscences of an exiled daughter of a Marajah and an elderly English tutor who meet over afternoon tea. Includes actual newsreels of court life discovered in the archives of the Raj ...


    Expert advice given to villagers to plant and grow vegetables for better yield and produce. Very similar to IT PAYS TO SPRAY.

    TRAVELOGGreat Britain

    The series on independent travel goes on two very different trips to islands in the Atlantic; on the Azores islands of Sao Miguel, Pico and Faial in the Azores in the North Atlantic; and by Royal Mail ship via Ascension Island to ...

    Abbott (Suckling) Collection

    Scenes of the Queen Elizabeth II's visit to Nigeria, including preparations, bunting in streets, crowds. Also scenes of home life.

    Production / Donor Details: Films shot by Bryan Abbott , who served in the Colonial ...

    Abbott (Suckling) Collection

    Nigerian troops on parade; family scenes.

    Production / Donor Details: Films shot by Bryan Abbott , who served in the Colonial service in Nigeria after WW2.

    Alley Collection

    St. Alban's church (Lutheran) on Azania Front.

    A street scene showing a shop selling kangas.

    Twiga Hotel - the most modern hotel at that time.

    The Buddhist temple in Garden Avenue.

    The pombe (beer) market.



    Allocated 1997


    Excerpts from a concert at Hong Kong Stadium on 25 June 1997, shortly prior to handover: in attendance is Hong Kong Governor Chris Patten.


    Remarks: only Tapes 2 and 3 held by IWM.


    Allocated 1982


    Helicopters operate from RFA Stromness(?) en route to the Falklands; aircraft arriving and departing at Ascension Island.

    A Lynx helicopter is filmed from the deck of the ship as it lands, takes off ...

    Anton-Smith Collection

    Includes shots of Agricultural Officers on tour and various agricultural and fisheries research projects including coffee and groundnuts. These are interspersed with shots of African schoolgirls invited to tea with their Teacher ...