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    A look at the institution of marriage in five different areas of the world: India, New Guinea, Botswana; Esher, Surrey and Colne, Lancashire. The programme looks at the different values, relationships and patterns of behaviour displayed ...


    Local land inspector looks at farmer's land where poor farming methods by the "mostly idle" blacks has led to erosion. The women are coerced into carrying out conservation work and are pleased at the improvements in the crops.


    Dramatised advertising film for Lux toilet soap intended for African audiences.

    The film opens with an African man sitting and playing guitar while two African women sit at his feet and sing in turn. The African man is next shown in his car ...


    MAU MAU 1954 enhanced entry

    South Africa

    The background to the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya and steps being taken to suppress it.

    The film opens with dramatised footage of a village being burned and its inhabitants slaughtered by Mau Mau terrorists. ...