Empire and Development

In order for the British Empire to fulfil its economic and strategic goals in the colonies, areas under British control had to be “developed” so that British interests could operate successfully. This meant the creation of an entire modernised infrastructure based on the European model. New transportation links moved goods and people around, modern factories and industrial zones were developed, and advanced communication and military networks were set up. Imposed civic codes governed all of these developments, and urban centres sprang up throughout the Empire, dispensing healthcare and education and administering locally-devised versions of British law and order. 

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APOLLO IN ASCENSION (1967) enhanced entry

Documentary on the choice of the Atlantic island of Ascension as a tracking station for satellites and rockets and its ...


ACHIEVEMENT IN AFRICA (1960) enhanced entry

An account of the contribution made by the Imperial Tobacco Company towards raising the living standards of many thousands of ...


DAY IN NAIROBI (1955) enhanced entry

Travelogue, showing the buildings, people and wildlife of Nairobi.

Over shots of modern Nairobi, the commentator outlines the transformation of the ...


MR. MENSAH BUILDS A HOUSE (1955)has video enhanced entry

Comedy. Mr. Mensah entrusts the building of his house to his irresponsible nephew, who wastes all the money and materials. ...


OIL HARBOUR: ADEN (1955) enhanced entry

Construction of a harbour capable of berthing 32.000 tons tankers to serve the B .P. oil refinery at Little Aden. ...


MAN OF AFRICA (1953) enhanced entry

Dramatisation of the Bakiga people's attempt to cultivate the Kigezi district of Uganda, and their encounter with the Pygmies.

The camera ...


THEY PLANTED A STONE (1953)has video enhanced entry

This film describes how new life was brought to the immense desert of the Sudan by harnessing the waters of ...


BOY KUMASENU (1952)has video enhanced entry

A story of transition within the Gold Coast, as the boy Kumasenu moves from a small fishing village to the ...


FOCUS ON THE NILE (1952) enhanced entry

The importance of the life-giving waters of the Nile to Sudan and Egypt with property depending on the success of ...


CARIBBEAN (1951)has video enhanced entry

A film depicting the Caribbean islands - West Indies, British Guiana and British Honduras - and highlighting the traditional customs ...


FARMER BROWN LEARNS GOOD DAIRYING (1951)has video enhanced entry

The care and management of dairy herds in Jamaica in order to maximise milk yields.

Over agricultural shots, a Jamaican voiceover ...


NAIROBI (1950)has video enhanced entry

Travelogue of everyday life in Nairobi, Kenya, concluding with the ceremony granting the town the status of a city.

A British ...