Empire and Industry

From the earliest days of the British Empire, the wheels of trade and industry were kept in perpetual motion. Raw materials were extracted, cash crops were harvested and exported, and modern factories processed and packaged the myriad products of the colonies. Whether cotton, rubber, tobacco or beer, the Empire was always open for business, and the films chosen here document some of these colonial industries.

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ACHIEVEMENT IN AFRICA (1960) enhanced entry

An account of the contribution made by the Imperial Tobacco Company towards raising the living standards of many thousands of ...


AN EAST AFRICAN ARMY FIELD BAKERY (1944)has video enhanced entry

START 10:16:29 A morning parade for seven African NCOs and 27 Other Ranks wearing white cook's uniform serving with 10th ...


ARMS FROM INDIA (1941) enhanced entry

A survey of the involvement of India's Home Front in the war effort.

An opening sequence of blackout, ARP ...


BATANAGAR COMPANY TOWN, INDIA (1939) enhanced entry

The film celebrates the operations of the Bata shoe company highlighting, in particular, the welfare provided for its ...


BEER AT ITS BEST (1955)has video enhanced entry

The making of Star lager from Nigeria.

The film opens with the Star lager trademark as local music plays. As three ...

Birch Collection: 6: Freetown and Yengema, Sierra Leone

Birch Collection: 6: Freetown and Yengema, Sierra Leone (1949)has video enhanced entry

Various scenes in Sierra Leone. Aerial sequence along a jungle river with waterfalls shows us increasing western development nearing the ...


BLACK COTTON (1927)has video enhanced entry

INDUSTRIAL/ETHNOLOGY. Film on the Nigerian cotton industry and how the natives use cotton themselves in the manufacture of clothing.



BRITISH GUIANA (1933)has video enhanced entry

A film addressing the geographical conditions, agriculture, and industries within British Guiana.

A title explains that 'the low marshy coast of ...


CHISOKO THE AFRICAN (1949) enhanced entry

The story of an African boy born in a village in Northern Rhodesia that is revolutionised by the growth of ...


CHRISTIANITY AND COPPER (1956) enhanced entry

Film on the Copper Belt region of Northern Rhodesia (Zambia), specifically the interaction of Christianity and commerce in this region ...


COCOA FROM THE GOLD COAST (1936) enhanced entry

The production of cocoa beans in the Gold Coast and their shipment to England.

After an opening title explaining that 'most ...


CONSOLING WEED (1937)has video enhanced entry

Promotional film for Rhodesian tobacco.

The film opens with shots over tobacco fields, before showing African labourers working on the fields ...