Empire and Travel

Expeditions and exploration were at the root of Imperial expansion, and travel remained a necessary part of Imperial life and administration. The institutions of the British Empire afforded many Britons a unique opportunity to travel the globe. Film and photography gave private individuals and professionals alike the chance to bring images of their travels and experiences home to the metropole. Audiences for these films became passengers travelling by rail, car, boat and aeroplane through the territories of the Empire, not only seeing the sights but also re-tracing the steps of Imperial conquerors and pioneers.

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AFRICA SHRIEKS (1931) enhanced entry

In this comedy, introduced by 'The Professor', Hugh Cameron appears as an African explorer and filmmaker, who lectures to an ...


ARRIVÉE D'UN TRAIN À MELBOURNE (1896) enhanced entry

ACTUALITY. A train arrives in a station.

A train arrives at Flemington station, Melbourne, coming from the distance left to right, ...


BRITAIN'S BIRTHRIGHT (1924) enhanced entry

The goodwill tour of the Royal Navy's special service squadron around the world, November 1923 to September 1924.

The ...


BRITISH GUIANA (1933)has video enhanced entry

A film addressing the geographical conditions, agriculture, and industries within British Guiana.

A title explains that 'the low marshy coast of ...


CEYLAN, VÉCU ET PITTORESQUE (1905) enhanced entry

Early footage from Ceylon.

Title card: 'Views and People in Ceylon'. Shots taken from the front of a train as ...


COOLIE BOYS DIVING FOR COINS (1900)has video enhanced entry

ACTUALITY. A view from above of native boys diving for coins from their boats in Singapore harbour and climbing back ...


CROSSING THE GREAT SAGRADA (1924) enhanced entry

First of Brunel's burlesques. All parts played by Adrian Brunel.


CROSSING THE GREAT SAHARA (1924) enhanced entry

Angus Buchanan's expedition to the Sahel region of the Sahara in 1922-23. Includes Sir Hugh Clifford and the Executive Council ...


FAIREST AFRICA (1959) enhanced entry

A travelogue taking the form of a car journey through the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland.

A car with luggage on ...


GIBRALTAR (1911)has video enhanced entry

INTEREST. Travelogue. Scenes in Gibraltar.

Main title and credit (1). Pan right from sea of the town of Gibraltar (33). Street ...


GLIMPSES OF INDIA (1935) enhanced entry

Amateur footage, in black and white and colour, shot and edited by Rosie Newman, of her travels in ...


GLIMPSES OF INDIA (1929)has video enhanced entry

INTEREST - Travelogue. Scenes of Indian life and architecture.

RL.1 Seas breaking on the rocks at Cape Comorin (58-89); the Afghan ...