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Story of Prince Gautama and how he became Lord Buddha, the Enlightened One.


RELIEF OF LUCKNOW (1912)has video enhanced entry

Shows the course of events leading up to the relief of Lucknow.


RHODES OF AFRICA (1936) enhanced entry

Biography of the politician and how he rises from being a diamond-miner in Africa to become Prime Minister of Cape ...


SAMMY GOING SOUTH (1963) enhanced entry

Sammy, aged ten, is orphaned in an air raid at Port Said during Suez. He sets out alone with a ...



Story of the work of Commissioner Sanders, the King's representative among the tribes of British West Africa. [Features Chiefs and ...



DRAMA. English governess in South Africa is rescued from enforced marriage to a lecherous Malay by the efforts of two ...


STAMPEDE (1930)has video enhanced entry

Fictional story filmed in the Sudan. The film tells the story of Boru, adopted into the 'Habbania' tribe after his ...


STEVE OF THE RIVER (1937)has video enhanced entry

A cartoon parody of Sanders of the River, placing the horse and his rider from the Sunday Express comic strip ...


TREK TO MASHOMBA (1951) enhanced entry

A fictional children's film recalling the journey of trekkers in 1892 from the Transvaal to the Mashomba Valley in Mashonaland. ...


WEST OF ZANZIBAR (1954) enhanced entry

Story of Arab traders' seduction of Galana tribesmen from their peaceful ways and the efforts of a game warden to ...


WHERE NO VULTURES FLY (1951) enhanced entry

Story of the efforts of a Game Warden in East Africa to preserve wild animals in his territory.



A famous murder case among Kenya's British colonial society in the 1940s.