Empire and Independence

In 1940, Winston Churchill said ‘If the British Empire and its Commonwealth last a thousand years, men will still say, this was their finest hour’. In fact, the Empire would barely last another quarter century. In the immediate aftermath of the War, Nationalist movements strengthened, international pressure increased and Britain’s own financial position became ever more precarious. From India in 1947, to Ghana and Malaya in 1957 and finally Hong Kong in 1997, these films illustrate the rapid, often unforeseen, moves towards Independence as the Empire dissolved within a generation.

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Celebrations, attended by the Princess Royal, to mark the introduction of self-government in Western Nigeria in November 1957.

The film opens ...


the ROYAL HAMPSHIRES IN THE CARIBBEAN (1961) enhanced entry

An 'on the spot' report by Julian Pettifer showing the rle of the Royal Hampshire Regiment in the ...


TOWARDS TRUE DEMOCRACY (1947) enhanced entry

Government film about the opening of the Nigerian legislative council.

(Reels One and Three only viewed). The introduction provides ...


TRUTH WILL OUT (1930) enhanced entry

DRAMA-DOCUMENTARY. An Indian villager supports a Congress riot, is arrested, tried, sentenced and reprieved. Anti-Congress propaganda film made by R.H.G. ...


WORLD PICTORIAL NEWS NO 259 ((?) 22/4/1946) (1946) enhanced entry

I. 'TRANSJORDAN TREATY SIGNED.' Emir Abdullah of Transjordan arrives in Britain by British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) Avro York airliner ...