Empire and Independence

In 1940, Winston Churchill said ‘If the British Empire and its Commonwealth last a thousand years, men will still say, this was their finest hour’. In fact, the Empire would barely last another quarter century. In the immediate aftermath of the War, Nationalist movements strengthened, international pressure increased and Britain’s own financial position became ever more precarious. From India in 1947, to Ghana and Malaya in 1957 and finally Hong Kong in 1997, these films illustrate the rapid, often unforeseen, moves towards Independence as the Empire dissolved within a generation.

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British In India Museum Collection: 2 'An Indian Durbar'

British In India Museum Collection: 2 'An Indian Durbar' (1926)has video enhanced entry

An Indian Durbar' (1926) Travelogue style film showing coronation of Sir Hari Singh as Maharajah of Kashmir.

Production / Donor Details: ...

Buchanan Collection: 'Ndola Diary': UNIP Public Meeting & Demonstration, Ndola 1961

Buchanan Collection: 'Ndola Diary': UNIP Public Meeting... (1961)has video enhanced entry

Item 1: Footage of a UNIP (United National Independence Party, Northern Rhodesia) public meeting held in 1961 at Twapia Township, ...

Fishwick Collection: Nigerian Independence Celebrations, 01/10/1960

Fishwick Collection: Nigerian Independence Celebrations,... (1960)has video enhanced entry

The film includes sequences in and around Gwoza including markets, a palm plantation, villages and drilling for artesian wells. The ...


FUTURE OF ONE MILLION AFRICANS (1950) enhanced entry

The claims made by South Africa on the protectorates of Bechuanaland, Basutoland and Swaziland.

The film begins by offering a historical ...


GIANT IN THE SUN (1959)has video enhanced entry

A study of Northern Nigeria as it prepares for self-government.

The commentator introduces Africa as the 'continent of the future' before ...


GUNS AT BATASI (1964) enhanced entry

A British regiment stationed in a newly independent African state is preparing to celebrate the Queen's birthday when Colonel Deal ...


HONG KONG HANDOVER, JUNE 1997 (TAPE 1) (1997) enhanced entry


(The following data has been copied, without amendment, from Army Mobile News Team computer discs.)

01-00-00-00 BARS

01-01-44-44 ...


INDEPENDENCE FOR FIJI (1970)has video enhanced entry

Independence in Fiji in October 1970.

Union flag flying, with words 'Independence for Fiji' superimposed. Union flag being taken down ...


INDIA IN CRISIS (Year 8 No 1) (1942) enhanced entry

Part one of a double issue (part two - 'India at War') dealing with India's political state while ...

INDIAN NEWS PARADE NO 120 (29/6/1945)

INDIAN NEWS PARADE NO 120 (29/6/1945) (1945)has video enhanced entry

I. "LORD WAVELL BROADCASTS PLAN TO SOLVE THE INDIAN POLITICAL DEADLOCK". The Viceroy puts forward the proposal for the formation ...

INDIAN NEWS PARADE NO 155 (1/3/1946)

INDIAN NEWS PARADE NO 155 (1/3/1946) (1946)has video enhanced entry

I. "FIGHTING FOURTH WELCOMED HOME". At Karachi, Fourth Division return home after over six years of active service in the ...

INDIAN NEWS PARADE NO 160 (5/4/1946)

INDIAN NEWS PARADE NO 160 (5/4/1946) (1946)has video enhanced entry

I. "THE CABINET MISSION ARRIVES IN INDIA". The Cabinet Mission arrive to try and break the political deadlock in India. ...